Harvey Weinstein as a scapegoat

So, political correctness, about which so long spoke Bolsheviks accomplished. Political correctness and feminism, transformed into the absolute. A woman’s rebellion actually a rebellion of women against men. Sex mission, or the new Amazon.

They had long prepared, long time. Waited, caught the moment. They just needed a scapegoat. Good goat, rich, thick. And they chose it!

“Goat” was Harvey Weinstein, the main and most well-known producer in Hollywood. Sooner or later it was bound to happen. After all, not so long to ogle and pretend that nothing happened. We are always strong powerless to blame. And now the stronger sex is women.

In fact, political correctness is a very smart thing. No Americans, of course, stupid, says one well-known and very funny, our political scientist, but in vain do nothing. After all, to offend women is not recommended. And they hurt, always called the weaker sex. And thought it was the natural course of things, law of nature. Thought that humanity lives according to its inviolable laws. The laws of the alpha male. That is the alpha male decides what he will females, and when it is to be nice to them. Because of alpha male depends on everything!

Some tens of thousands of years have passed since then, as we were still apes, animals. What has changed? Each of us is still animal. Archaic society, the ground you cannot turn back. I the chief — you the fool. Or a fool.

In America, the producer’s movie. Every producer wants to know… wants to sleep with his actress. This is the law of life, the law of the alpha male, to contradict the producer is not, under any circumstances or he will change his mind and select another. For the lead role.

Women have always known this and always obeyed. Have been in contact for some higher purpose. The Hollywood Museum is still the subject, which began the great American movie. It’s a bed, a bed. Like the matrix, as the cornerstone. As a hanger, which begins the theater.

Always took for granted, but I tried not to spread. Relax and enjoy, because what is natural is not ugly.

Enough to relax and humiliated, American women, the Hollywood star finally said “no” to all these dogs, goats. Someone had to start.

But look: Israeli President Moshe Katsav, convicted of rape; Dominique Strauss-Kahn, do not keep his flesh in front of a black hotel maid; woody Allen, Roman Polanski… Why is everyone? Not the “our” that was organized by Mr. Surkov and quite different. We know these as our musicians, poets, comedians, TV anchors, tycoons, revolutionaries (not the centenary of the Great October if they remember!)… And now we know more as a sexual terrorist? This is some kind of biblical temperament!

…About a writer and his colleagues polygamist-snitches once asked comrade Stalin: “What shall we do with him?” “Envy will,” replied Stalin.

Producer Harvey Weinstein is not to be envied. In our eyes he was an outcast, a pariah, shake hands, untouchable, impure. He turned away from everything, even his own wife. He was expelled from the American and British film Academy, his firm is close to bankruptcy. And although he’s not just a goat, and the scapegoat, it does not change things. To offend women is not recommended.

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