How to sit at the chessboard trump and Kim Jong UN

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said Monday what is happening in the International chess Federation. Scandals there, recall that raging still.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– 87-th Congress of the FIDE sounded here idea: to contact me with an offer not to run because of the sanctions (from the US – L. A.) As I explained to lawyers to ban something you can not, – has told Ilyumzhinov. All. The agenda of this question was not to do the same. Congress could further question to make. If 2/3 voted. So I haven’t even started to discuss. Asked then lawyers: can participate in the elections or not? Said “Yes”. Confirmed – this is only a recommendation. Make the decision I have. Elections in September next year. Extension for 3 months going on. Choose not only the President but also the Vice-President, Treasurer… the Whole team in General. And certainly one woman should be. Still a lot of time. Until June!

Ilyumzhinov stressed that he is ready to help the development of chess in any quality:

– I can be an assistant to a strong President. So ready to support Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook – A. L.), for example, to go a counselor to him. Well, if you take, of course… See the missionary as a function. Different country, city Russia, I constantly and so visit. All the time. Zambia, Zimbabwe… of the Lipetsk region, Kaluga… With the presidents of countries are required, with the Ministers! In Armenia after the meeting with the head of the country’s second lesson in a week of chess introduced in schools… And yet my idea: to organize a meeting with the Board… of the President of the United States of trump and Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. Enough saber-rattling!

Sanctions? I have American lawyers – the law can not be otherwise. Do what you can to sue to impose these sanctions. Tried to dissuade me: where are you going? Against the system? But I will prove in court that it was a mistake…

A month ago, I wrote a letter to Trump. Fighting, in General!

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