“In Kiev, the Parliament building protesters gathered

Representatives of various political forces require including changing the electoral system, the establishment of an independent anti-corruption court and the abolition of immunity of deputies

Police officers outside the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev. Archival photo.Photo: TASS, Maxim Nikitin

– Several hundred people gathered Tuesday morning at the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, where different political forces plan to hold rallies.

As the correspondent of “Interfax”, participants of meetings is located on the Constitution square in front of Parliament by party affiliation.

The most numerous group are the supporters of the “Batkivshchyna”. There are also activists “Hromadyanska position” Anatoly Gritsenko, the “movement of new forces” of Mikhail Saakashvili, a few people holding flags of the Association “Samopomich”. Also at Constitution square came representatives of the “National corpus”, which mounted the stage.

Not far from the square – on the street – are several dozen depositors of the Bank “Michael” with the appropriate symbols.

Law enforcement officers blocked traffic on Hrushevsky street, near the hotel “Kiev” has established a framework of metal detectors. Also, around the government quarter, there is a significant number of police and the National guard.

Also around the square the Constitution with the Mariinsky Park installed a mesh fence on both sides of them are law enforcement officers.

The Parliament buildings are lined up in six ranks of hundreds of law enforcement officers. In the first three ranks are police in helmets with batons and shields.

In the center of the city partially blocked the street Grushevskogo, Institutskaya, Lipsky, completely blocked the street Lutheran, kruglouniversitetskaya, Gorodetsky, mulberry. On the street, particularly in the area of government House the road is blocked with portable metal fences to the height of a man. To the entrance to the street from Evropeyskaya square test cars.

Earlier “Gromadsky HONESTLY Rukh” issued a call to the security Service of Ukraine and the National police “to take all possible measures to ensure the safety of citizens participating in mass events”.

In accordance with the agreement signed on 6 October a Memorandum on joint actions of the participants for Greater political reform, the mass action on October 17 will be peaceful, non-violent, said “HONESTLY”.

Holding such action, as stated in the Memorandum – a forced move on the part of the activists, because in three years the tenure of the President and Parliament is practically not reformed the country’s political system, has not carried out their election slogans.

Activists and political forces intend to demand from authorities to urgently change the electoral system is proportional with open regional lists; to establish an independent anti-corruption Tribunal; to abolish parliamentary immunity.

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