“In Lithuania, began to publish KGB agents

– The research center of genocide and resistance of residents of Lithuania (CYRIL) begins the unveiling of the undercover communications agents of the Soviet secret service KGB.

“Such documents in the Special archive of Lithuania survived a lot, their disclosure should enable the society to form a more accurate picture of the activities of the KGB,” – said in a press release Center.

Secret-message – written by hand of the agent text on the assignment of the KGB or the information obtained on his own initiative. Undercover message was signed by a pseudonym, that it was impossible to know the identity of the agent.

Begins the unveiling of the undercover communications agents operating in the Lithuanian emigrant organisations: in the Main Committee for liberation of Lithuania, the Lithuanian world community, Lithuanian Council of America, the Lithuanian American community and in society Santara-Sviesa.

Later it is planned to publish intelligence reports on scientific and technical intelligence and espionage dealt with by the agents during research and work internships. A large part of intelligence is information from which operated in the environment of the Catholic Church classified employees.

CYRIL publishes information on the KGB activities on the website www.kgbveikla.lt 2011. To date, the site has published more than 5.5 thousand documents.

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