In Moscow Nikolay Kolyada was evicted from the “Theatre of Work”

Honored art worker of the Russian playwright and Director Nikolai Kolyada said on his page in Facebook that Moscow was evicted branch of his theater from the premises of the “Theatre of Work”. According to him “Theatre of Work” is also closed.

photo: social networks

“In the morning in the theatre of labor changed the locks. We are being evicted. And theater work, too. Well, what? Hello, Moscow! And then as the house was 15 years ago,” wrote the Director.

Recording accompany the pictures exhibited at the theater on Petrovka street 17, C2 black bags with clothes and decorations.

The Director added that everything that happened to him and the actors is a nightmare. “We came to rehearse. And then a lot of people: get out. Well, standing on the street what to do. I don’t even know who to call, to have protected and helped,” – said in its publication.

According to the Agency “New day,” Carol called his Moscow branch of “Theatre of New Plays”. He had to stay in the room, “Theatre of Work”. The opening of the branch of the theatre of Christmas carols was held on 20 October at 19:00.

Commentary portal “E1-Ekaterinburg”, Kolyada said that it all reminded him of the events of 15 years ago. “Then, too, came the bandits poured costumes with paint, smashed the stage, Very sad! We want people happy to do, and we say: “get Out!” Ashamed of those who do. This is deja vu from 15 years ago was the same, but in the end this space is empty right now. If we were in Ekaterinburg, I would have called Krakovo, Kuyvashev, and now don’t even know who to call”, – quotes the portal words of the Director.

Later portal 66.RU Carol reported that claims of moskomimuschestvo have to “Work”, who allegedly illegally took a room in a residential home. Kolyada was able to negotiate that his theatre will be here until 3 November. The audience will not have to return the tickets to the play “Old zaychiha”. But what will happen then is still unknown.

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