“Madrid are faced with a difficulty in the interpretation article of the Constitution on measures against autonomy

– The Spanish authorities created a special group of experts to determine which actions are legitimate to undertake in the event of failure of Catalonia to carry out the Spanish Constitution of obligations, writes on Tuesday the newspaper El Pais.

According to sources, the team included politicians, security personnel and lawyers. They are preparing a plan for the implementation of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, which States that if an Autonomous community, part of Spain, begins to violate the laws of the country, in Madrid, with the consent of the absolute majority of the members of the Senate can take action to forcibly enforce the laws.

El Pais notes that the main problem in this case lies in the fact that the Constitution does not spell out what measures you can take to resolve the problem.

According to available data, currently in Madrid are planning a “soft” effect in Catalonia in the event of implementation of article 155 of the Constitution.

It is expected that the first step would be to replace the managers responsible for the power structures of Catalonia. So, his position in this scenario will lose jojeongjwapyeong Joaquim Forn, head of the Catalan police Josep Luis Trapero and Director of the Catalan civil defence service Joan Delort.

The newspaper emphasizes that the command of the Autonomous police of Catalonia in this situation – not an easy task, as the part of the police support the idea of independence from Spain, and the other part didn’t. In case of the Catalan police will no longer deal with the maintenance of order in towns in Catalonia will be pulled about 6 thousand employees of the national police of Spain. They are ready to start work if the situation requires.

As reported, in Madrid demanded that the government of Catalonia to 10:00 on 19 October said, if they declared independence. To answer Catalan side will depend on what response to take Spanish leadership, who refuse to consider the idea of separation of Catalonia.

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