Man is the problem: the analyst about possible deportation Pavlensky in Russia

Russian artist Pyotr Pavlensky on Monday, October 16, torched the entrance of the Central Bank of France. So he wanted to remind the French about their revolutionary past. The actionist was arrested by the police, and now he could face a prison sentence. But maybe, just Pavlensky will be deprived of refugee status and expelled from the country – it will depend on French voters. So says political scientist, first Vice-President of the Center for political technologies, Alexei MAKARKIN.


In the case that material damage from the arson of the entrance to the Banque de France will be significant, according to the laws of France, Pyotr Pavlensky may be sentenced to a lifetime – more than 10 years. If the action will equate to a terrorist attack, there will be criminal liability. But there is another version of events: artist from Russia, who was brought in as a fighter against the repressive regime, may be expelled from the country because he destabilizie the situation. It’s one thing to set fire to the door of FSB on Lubyanka square, and quite another to repeat the same performance in a democratic country.

The reaction of the Parisian authorities: the Police of Paris, commented on the detention of Pyotr Pavlensky

– If Pavlensky will be sent to Russia, our intelligence agencies are unlikely to be happy, – said political analyst Alexei Makarkin. For them it was a big headache. To ignore his provocations was not, but to put it is not wanted. Therefore, the departure from the country Pavlensky suit everyone. And to the person-the problem backwards – it’s the least want our government.

However, there is a chance. In France not so long ago, presidential elections were held and won the macron, which was brought to power by the middle class, and its representatives are less likely want some revolutions – but that’s about it the nice past tried to remind the French of their action Pyotr Pavlensky.

What he says actionist: Pavlensky explained the meaning of “revolutionary” arson of the Bank of France

– I do not exclude that the Parisians in the first place the townsfolk won’t like that Pavlensky, who received political asylum in their country, violating the order and brings chaos. They have now, and without it the nervous atmosphere of migrants. Therefore, any foreigner who violates the law could lose the right to reside in the country – said the expert. But if Turkey can prove that at home waiting for his prosecution, it did not deport. Loss of refugee status and deportation is not the same thing. Although, again, largely authorities will act depending on public reaction. Now, if won marine Le Pen voted for the representatives of the working class, Pavlensky could be a trend. The middle class are the heroes, on the contrary, sympathy is not called.

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