Murdered in Malta journalist two weeks ago I went to the police

The echo of the so-called “Panama records”, published in may last year, tragedy echoed in Malta. Monday, October 16, in a car bomb explosion killed a local journalist Daphne Caruana Galicia. It has long been known for its professional investigation involving high-ranking officials of Malta, including the Prime Minister. She has been engaged in “Panama records”, which featured the Maltese leaders allegedly involved in an offshore fraud.

photo: AP

In the ranking of press freedom, compiled annually by “Reporters without borders” Malta holds the upper part (47th out of 180 according for 2017), ahead of, for example, Italy, Japan, Israel, etc. For comparison: Russia in this list occupies the 148-th row. Even more shocking was for the island nation that is part of the European Union, the murder of the journalist.

Car 53-year-old Caruana Galicia exploded when she drove away from his home in the town Bidnija, near the town Bridge on the North of the island of Malta. The car flipped several times and drove off the road, debris scattered for several dozen meters in different directions. The ruined car found one of the sons of the journalist Matthew heard from the house the sound of the explosion.

Reaction to the murder of Caruana Galicia was immediate. The leader of the Maltese opposition regarded it as a political and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat called a “barbaric attack on freedom of the press.” The head of government recalled that the deceased was one of his most implacable of his critics. But Muscat has assured he “will not rest until justice will prevail”. “Our country deserves justice,” – said the Prime Minister.

Speaking of harsh criticism from the journalist Muscat is not disingenuous: Caruana Galicia accused of not only Prime Minister but also his inner circle and even his wife. For example, in the possession of offshore companies in Panama to illegally obtain money from Azerbaijan.

Two weeks ago, a journalist went to the police, said the Maltese security forces. According to them, she wrote a statement in connection with threats arriving in its address. Such could be associated not only with her own work – her son Matthew is part of the international consortium of investigative journalism (ICIJ) responsible for the publication “the Panama dossier” (for him, ICIJ was in 2016 awarded the Pulitzer prize).

Daphne Caruana Galicia for its investigations of corruption cases was sometimes called “WikiLeaks forces one woman.” By the way, the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange has already said it is ready to pay 20 thousand Euro for information about the organizers of the murder. And the government of Malta, in turn, requested assistance in the investigation from the FBI.

The scope of work of the journalist, have been repeatedly evaluated and outside Malta. For example, at the end of last year, Politico Europe Will be included Galicia in the list of the 28 people who will have the greatest impact on Europe in 2017. And an article in her blog gained hundreds of thousands of visits – more than the combined circulations of all Maltese Newspapers.

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