Only the passport: the Ministry of culture will equate adult performances to alcohol

The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has prepared the bill according to which the organizers of “events” marked “18+” will be able to check the passports of the audience and not to miss those who will not pass the test.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

On a similar legislative initiative was announced by the Director of the legal Department of the Russian Ministry of culture Natalia Romashova at the meeting of the expert Council “About the prospects of improvement of legislation on the family, protection of motherhood, fatherhood and childhood.”

According to Romashova, who leads the Agency “Moscow” performances and concerts for adult audiences should be equated to alcohol and tobacco: “We propose to introduce similar provisions that were introduced in the law on the turnover of alcohol and tobacco products”.

To this end, the Ministry of culture offers, in principle, prohibit the release of children to an event if they belong to the category of “18+” to the organizers “could track, we authorize the organizers, that is, people who sell tickets, or inspectors the right to check photo ID”.

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Note that in the present age ratings are only Advisory and have no effect on the ability to watch plays and films or read books by people of different ages.

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