“Pavlensky explained the arson of the Bank of France desire to “blow up the fire of the world revolution”

– Actionist-an emigrant from Russia, Peter Pavlensky, who organized the night of Monday an attack on a branch of the Bank of France in Paris, explained that the goal of his actions – the revolutionary fire throughout the world.

“The Bank of France took place on the place de La Bastille (the Bastille prison during the revolution was a symbol of the French monarchy – if), the bankers took the place of monarchs. The French revolution made France a symbol of freedom for the whole world. In 1917, thanks to this symbol, Russia rushed to freedom. However, a hundred years later the tyranny reigns again, and it happens everywhere. The revival of revolutionary France will cause a revolutionary fire throughout the world. In this fire, Russia will begin their release,” lead the French media of the words Pavlensky.

L’artiste russe Pavlenski arrêté par la police à 4h10 après avoir mis le feu à la Banque de France @afpfr @franceinfo pic.twitter.com/rGhzMMqhFp

— Capucine Henry (@capucinema) 16 Oct 2017

According to the radio station the newspaper Le Parisien, after the arson, police have detained two people, Pavlensky and his 37-year-old mistress. According to the detention order, the perpetrators first broke the glass on the facade of the building, then burned doormats, which tried to ignite a fire in the Bank.

Earlier in the network there were reports about the arrest in Paris Pavlensky recently awarded in France for political asylum. Users posted photos where Pavlensky is in front of the building, over the door of which are two gold letters – BF (Banque de France – Bank of France). On either side of him in the Windows of the building one can see the flames.

Pavlensky is known for performance, mainly related with self-hatred. One of his last actions was the arson of the doors of the building of FSB on Lubyanka square, for which he was sentenced to a fine of 500 thousand rubles.

In mid-January it became known that Pavlensky went to France, fearing illegal, in his opinion, criminal prosecution.

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