“Reliable source” reported by a German scientist about the whereabouts of the amber room

Three German researchers claim to have found a place where you can hid the legendary Amber room, stolen from the Palace at Tsarskoye Selo troops of the Third Reich.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

German scientists – a 73-year-old Leonard bloom, 67-year-old Gunter, Eckardt and 71-year-old Peter ENT believe that the Amber room could be hidden in one of the caves of the Ore mountains in the South of Saxony near Dresden, The Daily Mail reports.

The researchers began their quest after they contacted a “reliable source”, reported that the amber panels are there. Then the scientists scanned the ground in the cave of the Prince and came to the conclusion that under them there are cavities, like a bunker. Moreover, on the walls they found traces of steel cables that were used for lowering loads to a depth that only strengthened the previous conjecture.

In favor of the theory that the Amber room is hidden in the cave of the Prince, is the fact that nearby was a railway station. Now scientists are seeking funds for continued research.

The amber room was created by the German masters for the Prussian king Friedrich I, and then presented to Peter I. In 1941, the German troops stole from the Tsarskoye Selo Palace and transported it to Konigsberg. During the retreat of the Wehrmacht in the spring of 1945, the amber panels had disappeared.

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