“Sberbank is to rely more on artificial intelligence in the matter of loans to legal entities

– In Sberbank of Russia is now lending decisions on legal entities in 35% of cases are taken using artificial intelligence, without the human evaluation, and this figure will increase to 70%, said the head of Sberbank German Gref, speaking at the forum “Open innovations”.

“We have approximately 99% of credit decisions for individuals are made without the participation of assessment for corporations is about 35%. We want this figure in the second case to reach 70%,” said Gref. He noted that this area of work in the Bank is connected with an important segment of the big data Analytics (big data).

“Today, virtually there is no area of our business that we would not use artificial intelligence. In the financial business these are the five key areas,” – said a top Manager.

He said that the first direction is the financial advising its components – personal financial managers, bots, responding to sample questions, the use of such advising in the call center. “This has a huge future. I think that within 3-5 years we will remain in this position for people, because every day the artificial intelligence learns and gets more and more accurate in their responses and predictions,” – said Gref.

He explained that the second direction is the analysis of big data, third – cybersecurity, the fourth – customer Analytics, the fifth – automation of Bank activity.

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