Scientists have identified a link between hair coloring and breast cancer

Frequent recoloring of hair increases the risk of cancer of the breast. This is the conclusion the doctor came to the London hospital, Princess Grace Hospital, Professor Mokbel Kefan.


The study was based on case histories of women suffering from breast cancer. After reviewing the data, the scientist came to the conclusion that in women with colored hair this diagnosis was confirmed in 14% more, reports The Times.

“Our research identified a statistical Association between exposure to hair colorants and the cancer diseases of the breast,” said Kevan Mokbel.

Scientist noted that, as the prevention of breast cancer, women should reduce exposure to synthetic hair dyes up to six times a year.

In addition, for a smaller impact on the organism should choose the means that contain a minimum concentration of aromatic amines. At the same time, the dyes that is composed of natural plant ingredients such as rose hips or rhubarb, hardly a threat to health.

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