Shot on Novoslobodskaya: the debtor is the victim lay in the Parking lot for a few hours

The debtor of a microfinance institution, a 38-year-old Azerbaijani George Akopdzhanov was shot dead in front of his house on Novoslobodskaya street in the night of 16 Oct. The investigation has two main versions — monetary conflict or love.

photo: Dmitry Pogorelov
Photos from the scene of an emergency.

As it became known “MK”, the offender approached the victim in the yard. Once Akopdzhanov got out of his car, “infiniti” and went to the door, he called out to the stranger — he was in the jacket, and on her head a loose hood. Judging by the shots of the video, after a short conversation, the man opened fire. Akopdzhanov tried to block the bullets with your hand, and then turned back, intending to escape from the killer, but was smitten. Later the coroner found in his body four bullets — one shot was a test, in the head.

— Around half past one night we heard the sound of gunfire, but thought it was firecrackers. Home Akopdzhanova was his mother. But since the son is a grown man, she didn’t wonder why he didn’t come home, — told the neighbors. — George also has a daughter but she lives with her mother.

Murder victim George Akopdzhanov.

The corpse of a man found one of the residents between the cars around 8: 00 when I was getting ready to go to work and walked over to his car. Judging by their appearance, Akopdzhanov been dead at least several hours.

photo: Dmitry Pogorelov
At the murder scene.

Once in the courtyard of the police came, ran the brother of the deceased, 39-year-old Andrew Akopdzhanov, the businessman — the General Director of open company “Business League” (field of activity — wholesale trade and repair of machines). Seeing the bloody picture of the businessman became hysterical and began to kick at the car George.

Previously, the reason for the punishment was the debt — Akopdzhanov Jr. scored loans in the microfinance organization and has to give in no hurry. The words of his relatives, “was a poor shot for a thousand rubles”. A man ran collectors and bailiffs. Now Akopdjanova number of unpaid traffic fines (total amount of more than 10 thousand rubles). What he did for a life Akopdzhanov is not known for sure. According to friends, George was an ordinary driver, although, judging by some photos of his pages in social networks, it could be relevant to the criminal world.

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“Murder video on Novoslobodskaya: the killer was shot at close range”


According to another version, the reason for the murder could be a complicated relationship Akopdzhanova with the mother of his child. The woman has a new boyfriend is a native of Azerbaijan. George, according to relatives could not come to terms with it, calling a former lover, asked me to return to him. Because he often had scandals with the current companion of ladies.

He threatened George, demanded that he leave them alone, – said the brother of the deceased. – They are often fiercely arguing on the phone.

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Watch the video on:
“Shooting on Novoslobodskaya: residents said killed about the unemployed on “infinity””


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