“Spartacus” remains a key meeting of the group stage of the Champions League

The forthcoming home game against Spain will be decisive for the Muscovites in the group stage. At least if we talk about the exit in the playoffs of the Champions League, not Europa League. Not difficult to assume that the probability of scoring in the return meeting with the locals at the stadium “Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan” still lower than home “Opening Arena.” Given that a major strategic objective of Muscovites remains the superiority of aggregate over the Spaniards, winning at home is vital.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

To be honest, even a draw with Sevilla in Moscow from the tournament point of view is unacceptable. The Spaniards don’t just lead a group, but have a nice draw with Liverpool, produced in contrast to the “Spartacus” did not at home and on the road. Mathematically, even if we accept as an absolute equality of forces of the opponents in the group, red-white have yet to visit the town’s legendary “the Beatles”, while the locals of that already delivered. Not the fact that in his field the Spaniards will be able to take points from the team of Jurgen a Bug, but agree that a paper’s chances of Spartacus to bring from Liverpool a draw or win even lower.

In the 13th round of the Premier League helmsman “Spartaka” Massimo Carrera after the break in the championship the teams had the opportunity to see their team. And let before meeting going on 5-th place in the Example and almost impervious to Sevilla would be more profitable to play on your field with “amkarom” or, say, “Rostov”, the away match with traditionally uncompromising in Grozny, “Akhmad” seems to be a good test. And that’s what drew the attention in the game of red and white on “Akhmat Arena”.

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First and foremost it should be noted that “Spartak” played with two Central defenders Serdar Taski and Georgy Jikia. Whether it was due to the need to go ahead in the match with “Sevilla” or the return of Denis Glushakov, is not known, but the lack of the usual third player in the centre of defence was felt significantly. Taski was kindled fires in his own penalty area with alarming regularity, and eventually brought a penalty Selikhova. Yes, and tired in the team Djikia was wrong unusually often. Trust whether Carrera on Tuesday in the team Tasks and Djikia or release instead bocchetti and Kutepova is a big question, but what is Italian expert on ligachampion the match will choose the scheme with two defenders in the center, virtually no doubt.

Line of defense actively helped Alexander Selikhov, sometimes performing the role of the last defender. The shot is virtually error-free insured partners and played out. His fault for the conceded goal no: penalty Rodolfo realized very clearly — shot barbell, with no chances for the goalkeeper.

The center of midfield with the return from the infirmary captain Glushakov played a great match. Frankly, I’ve never seen this amount of interceptions in the performance of Spartacus in the Central circle and in the opponent’s half of the field. The vast majority of long passes players “Akhmad” prey Glushakova and Fernando. And it was after the interception of Denis and was organized the first ball in gate of Grozny.

Decent match held fullbacks. Motor Eshchenko Kombarov and will be particularly useful in the match against Sevilla due to his endurance and speed qualities. From whether to act in the same pace, their partners, and largely will depend on the result of the match against Spain.

But in attack is not so clear. Judging by the combat and activity, Adriano was one of the outstanding match, but the Brazilian often found themselves so far from the opponents ‘ goal, it became clear: he striker or defender. His compatriot Pedro Rocha on the left flank of the attack looked extremely convincing, and replaced him in the middle of the second half, Lorenzo Melgarejo, though, and scored after 3 minutes after entering the field the winning goal, a holistic experience left and for tactical reasons, was replaced, not after being on the field and 20 minutes.

Suggests itself translated left Quincy of Promesa with the subsequent offset to the right brow Alexander Samedov and access to the center of the field Mario Pasalic or ivelina Popova, but it was too great a risk. Yes, and the proportion of the goalkeeper in a team’s turnovers in Grozny was though not determinative, but significant. If not characterized by stability Croat or Bulgarian will not fit into the game, then forced a rebuild during the meeting can be very costly “Spartak”. So in the match against Sevilla will have to demonstrate all their skill players on the field, but Massimo Carrera in the lineup.

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