The businessman accused the suburban Deputy in the shooting at the office of his firm

The driver of a luxury foreign car “Bentley” with the “thieves” opened fire on the office of the construction company in Levkovo village, Pushkin district, Moscow region. Version pravohraniteley driving a car could be the city member of the suburban village of Tsarevo 43-year-old Basil Charles.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, the incident occurred on 13 October at about 14.30 minutes. Local residents have heard numerous POPs, like gunshots. About it they immediately reported it to the police. The guards immediately reacted to the call and within five minutes arrived at the scene. Strengthened the PPP staff Regardie. However, the attacker this time managed to escape in an unknown direction. Field investigators began to find out details. The Armenian citizen, 29-year-old shoghik panosian told the security forces that the office of their company “Dillon Project” drove the car “Bentley” (by the way, expensive car belongs to a 31-to the summer inhabitant of Pushkin area). From it, according to the woman, came Basil Charles and demanded a meeting with her husband 48-year-old Andronik Sargatana who is the owner of the company. The lady informed the guest that the wife is not there. After these words, her companion opened fire on the Windows of the building. Under the pressure of such serious arguments the woman backpedaled and called my husband. Then handed the phone to the visitor. Men spoke. As later recalled panosian, they talked about the offer of patronage, or simply “roof”. Then the shooter got in his car and drove off home.

A law enforcement source said the “MK” that Basil Charles — known in the criminal circles of people. About 10 years ago he was suspected of robbery and murder, but the evidence to attract men to a criminal liability was not enough. Three years ago Charles was divorced from his wife. Showdown with his wife was covered in a TV show – they couldn’t share a child. By the way, the man except that he is a rural MP, made it to the elected officials of the Pushkin municipal district. Among other things, he was famous for his love of firearms – in the car he constantly lie officially permitted carbine “saiga” and a smoothbore carbine “Vepr 12-Hammer.”

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