“The court of Spain nullified the Catalan law on the referendum on independence

– Spain’s constitutional court annulled adopted by the Catalan authorities, September 6 the law provides for the holding in the region’s independence referendum, said on Tuesday the newspaper El Pais.

Initially, the constitutional court suspended the effect of this document. Now, however, the court unanimously declared the law unconstitutional and therefore null and void.

October 1, Catalonia held a referendum on independence, which were actually broken by law enforcement authorities in Spain and was accompanied by mass riots, during which there were many victims. Spanish authorities warned from the beginning that they would not consider this vote legitimate.

After the referendum, the head of Generalitat Catalonia Carles Pujdeme did not give a clear answer, does Catalonia on independence. The Spanish authorities demanded that kalilaskov guide until October 19 to clarify this question.

The referendum in Каталонии8 photos

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