The cranes flew by

“Three sisters” — the famous play by Chekhov, Directors love her to put. And here they are (sisters) again came to Moscow, to Moscow, to Moscow! This time they brought Lev Dodin, a famous film Director. Showed them to us last weekend.

Right, Connection I Recall Another Conversation.

On the scene he is in love with her younger sister Irina Lieutenant, connection I recall another conversation, raises his head, looks at the sky and says: “the Cranes are flying, migrating birds, and whatever thoughts, high or low, nor wandered in their minds, will still be fly.”

Thoughts hanging in the cranes, is unknown to us. Thoughts roaming in the minds of the artist and Director, is also unknown. On stage (the play) winter, January, Yule, waiting for the clowns. Chekhov says: “Eight o’clock”.

Who ever lived in Russia knows that cranes fly in the fall, and arrive in the spring. In vain, looks connection I recall another conversation in the January sky, the birds are not there. In addition, at eight in the evening and the winter night, except for the snowy owl, no flies.

Lev Dodin celebrity world, crowned with medals and awards, luminary. Universal perennial delight accompanies his performances. So, if we do not understand something, we should not criticize, and respectfully ask, “Why?” Why Dodin and the cranes are flying in January, to learn is very desirable.

It is clear that his “Three sisters” — it’s realism, thank God. No jeans, no bikinis, no coke (although middle sister Masha with the mind of a typical drug addict). Realism: the officers uniforms, epaulettes on shoulders, legs boots; genuine samovars, real glasses; a decanter from which to pour real brown liquid, depicting the cognac and drink it really, really portraying the moderate intoxication.

And here in this dense reality of the ever inexplicable things, hell. So, if you meet the Lion Dodin and ask him (very politely!) to deign to answer a few questions, even if they seem stupidly naive.

Why the three sisters are so old? We are not talking about the age of the Actresses we are talking about heroines. Talented actress in the hands of a talented Director and a 50 to play a 14-year-old Juliet. And then all three Actresses play frankly already pretty old ladies. Some of the awkwardness of this circumstance clear to the Director. No wonder Olga is inscribed (non-existent in the play) phrase: “I’m not so very many years yet.” She she says: “I’m 28 years old only”.

28 is specifics, which is not got the realism, the size did not fit. But “not so much” — each can say about themselves though and in 90.

Why Masha (middle sister, the teacher’s wife) looks hysterical cokehead, do not ask, as decided by the Director, and this could very well be the result of a failed family life. But why is she the book reads “there stands a green oak” — impossible to understand. In Russia (and on stage, you have to believe, Russia) all know since childhood “there stands…” by heart.

Why the actor playing Russian, so much like a bad copy of the brilliant actor Alexei Petrenko? It was an accident? or intentional wretched imitation of the facial expressions, manner of speech choking?.. Instead of lovable drunks-Dr. it turns out the crazy old Jew-the pharmacist with a stack of papers in his hands. On the play of Chekhov the doctor sometimes in my pocket the newspaper. One. And this Dolinski drags the whole filing — why?

Why, of all the officers, only Lieutenant-Colonel Vershinin gloves? And why does he not remove them? Is realism snuck in symbolism? In may not relieve; in the house of three sisters, does not relieve; favorite hugs Mary in a creepy black gloves… What happened to his hands? eczema?

The largest (and, we venture to say, universal) the perplexing winter observer of migratory birds, connection I recall another conversation. For the first time the public saw an elderly, bald-headed Lieutenant with a swollen face. Of course, you can get stuck in a Lieutenant to fifty years. But then hot dreams and fiery speeches about the work, about the approaching storm look silly, embarrassed look. Tuzenbach, even when he is silent, embarrassed look. He looks like a typical stupid German of those Soviet movies that directed by Dodin saw once in his youth. On this German mocked Soviet spy (“the feat of the scout”): “Patience, Stübing, and your stubble will turn into gold!”, “You idiot, Stübing!” (Here again we are not talking about the actor but about the character. For the makeup there is nothing easier as bald to wear a wig, to make bald, hairy, snub-nosed turn in Cyrano.)

Stage the Lieutenant really stupid. He is in love with Irina, who says bass and passionately kissing with Lieutenant-captain Salty. Once on his initiative, and another time — in private. And this is the case even more rare than the winter migration of cranes. To Dodin Irina Salt didn’t kiss.

As behold such scenes, begin the better for realism. Especially when comes a moment where Irina must say almost the replica of the famous Russian theater: “To Moscow! To Moscow! To Moscow!”

Chekhov in this place is written the remark “longs”. At Dodin and she longs so: falls to the stage, is, moves, and roars at lower frequencies, like a bear, when he in the spring expels the plug. It’s a terrible thing.

Seems to be a trifle old deaf Ferapont (the messenger from the real pie from the bosses) sits on the birthday party of Irina — the master’s table, even without removing the cap (he’s not Russian?). Who sat there? Why?

…High noble idea in this performance, of course. That is, should be, can not be. But the incidents of realism make it difficult to concentrate on idealism. It happens. When eaten by mosquitoes and my teeth hurt — the muses are silent.

Questions to Dodin so much that they ask no forces will not suffice. And the newspaper is not rubber. Goodbye is the easiest.

The sisters heard the sound of a violin. Mary experienced says to the Colonel: “That’s Andrey playing, our brother.”

The violin fell silent, the living room appears a lot. Shirt, vest, tie second half of the twentieth century — in a coat with a fur collar.

Really interested to know why a gentleman in his home, in the office in may, plays the violin in a winter coat? However, there are still in a coat.

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