“The German inspectors visited the Russian military base in Tajikistan

– The inspection team from Germany in the framework of the Vienna document 2011 was visited by 201 military base in Tajikistan. About it reports on Tuesday the press service of the Central military district (CVO).

“The inspectors met with the commanders connection, participated in the briefing of the command base, visited military polygons “sur” and “Sambuli”, checked the extent of military activities for compliance with international agreements”, – said the press service.

Military inspectors accompanied by representatives of the Department to ensure implementation of agreements on arms reduction of staff Central military district.

“The audit was carried out in accordance with the Vienna document on confidence-building measures and security of 2011,” – noted in press service.

201 military base – the largest military facility of Russia located abroad. Stationed in the garrisons of Dushanbe and Kurgan-Tyube.

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