“The Ministry of culture suggested to put on concerts and performances 18+ passport

– The Ministry of culture has developed a bill according to which access to concerts and performances category 18 + will be carried out on presentation of a passport.

“Now there is a classification of products by age categories and obligation to mark their products in accordance with these categories. The Ministry of culture proposes not only to consolidate and leave this mechanism, which is precautionary, but also to introduce some restrictions, for example, to prohibit the organizers of theatrical events, concert events generally allow children to events if those events are category 18 +”, – said the Director of the legal Department of the Russian Ministry of culture Natalia Romashova on Tuesday at the meeting of the expert Council under the state Duma Committee on family, women and children.

She added that “in order that they could track, we give the right to the organisers or controllers, which control the passage of events, to verify the identity”.

The representative of the Ministry of culture noted that “it is proposed to introduce similar provisions that were introduced in the legislation on turnover of alcohol and tobacco products”.

“The bill we have submitted to the government, he is now on consideration in the presidential administration and will soon be introduced in the state Duma”, – she said.

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