“The Pentagon has urged Baghdad and the Kurds to focus on the fight against ISIS

– Pentagon spokesman Robert manning told reporters that the Iraqi authorities and the administration of Iraqi Kurdistan should be the first thing to fight against the “Islamic state” (ISIS is a terrorist organization banned in Russia), reports the Associated Press.

According to the manning situation in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk distracts from the task of destroying ISIS. He urged the Baghdad and Erbil “not to throw at each other.”

In мире16 Oct 2017Иракские military removed the Kurdish flag from the building of the provincial administration Circumcising read more

AP notes that a Pentagon spokesman did not place responsibility for the events in the area of Kirkuk on the Iraqi government.

Washington wants Baghdad and Erbil dialogue, and the us military in Iraq trying to mediate in the negotiations, said manning.

On Monday morning, Iraqi troops entered the territory of the province of Kirkuk, taking control of key infrastructure and oil fields. Kurdish armed groups began to leave the city of Kirkuk after the appearance in the city of Iraqi forces.

Previously, the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS said that watching the movements of military equipment and military personnel in the Kirkuk area. “The coalition urges all sides to avoid actions that might cause the escalation (of the conflict in the region – Interfax)”, – noted in a statement.

The leaders of the Iraqi Kurds has rejected the demand of Baghdad to cancel the results of a referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence, as informed by the representative of the head of Iraqi Kurdistan. A referendum on Kurdistan’s independence was held in September, more than 90% of its members voted in favor of secession from Baghdad.

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