“The producers Guild of America decided to exclude Harvey Weinstein from among its members

Member of the producers Guild of America unanimously voted to begin the process of elimination Harvey Weinstein organization, reports the Associated Press.

The final decision about this will be announced on 6 November, until then have Winchline have the opportunity to present to colleagues an explanation about the charges against him. It is noted that the decision was made by a group of voters, consisting of 20 women and 18 men.

The producers Guild, which includes more than 5 thousand representatives of the film industry, television and new media, has also created a special unit to combat sexual harassment and to investigate such cases.

October 15 American Academy of motion picture arts also ruled out Weinstein from among its members; BAFTA earlier suspended the membership of a producer in the Academy.

Culture15 Oct 2017Харви Weinstein was expelled from the American Academy because of the sexual scandaliato read more

Sex scandal

Last week the New York Times published an article that, citing the results of its investigation wrote that Weinstein for many years forced Actresses and other employees of the film Studio Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company to sexual relations, promising them in exchange of help in his career.

Miramax said on October 7 that Weinstein temporarily left the post of Director General in connection with internal investigation of sexual harassment.

After posting about the harassment by a producer said the actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie. Designer Georgina Chapman, Weinstein’s wife, on October 11 announced that breaking up with him

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