The son of a patient attacked an emergency ambulance, having fallen into a state of deja vu

With the effect of deja vu tied the attack on the brigade “first aid” October 16, Profsoyuznaya street Moscow police. Man who buried 4 months ago the father decided that now his mother died, and in a fit of grief smashed the nose of the driver of the car “03”. The brawler will have to answer for his actions.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, about 21.50 67-year-old pensioner Tamara Petrovna was bad: the woman felt a pulling pain in my chest and suspected the worst — a heart attack. The old lady lives alone on June 8, she lost her husband (he died of a heart attack). Adult son, 40-year-old Roman lives on a Suburban road. The man is not working, and once engaged in repair of different objects.

Tamara Petrovna called the Novel, he was advised to immediately call home “ambulance”. The man jumped in the car and at full speed flew to his mother.

Coach “03” arrived faster than the novel. The older paramedic examined the patient, found that the cause of illness associated with the nerves — Tamara Petrovna, still can’t get over the death of her husband.

Medical car already drove away from the house, when there was a novel. The man had deja vu 4 months ago, he likewise near the house are faced with doctors that stated the death of his father, and went to another call. Roman decided that now his mother died. He ran out of his car, chased the carriage of “03”. According to eyewitnesses, when the car with the red cross stopped the affair, not understanding the situation, pulled out the driver, 59-year-old Vyacheslav Fedorov, from behind the wheel and punched in the nose. Paramedics called police, they took the rowdy to the police. And the driver needed medical aid — doctors discovered a broken nose. The substation Fedorov 2013, and never to fall into such unpleasant incidents. Moscow police released after questioning Novel from the neighborhood, but for any harm he will be held responsible (which will be decided after the examination).

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