The Supreme court explained how to deprive of the parental rights: kids also ask

To listen to the views of the child, which is not even 10 years old, but already able to articulate their views on life, must necessarily be the court deciding on deprivation of mother’s or father’s parental rights. Moreover, the same requirement will also apply in cases where it is not about deprivation, but about the restriction of parental rights.


As reported by “MK” in the armed forces, another decree of the Plenum of the main court of the country for delicate and sensitive issues: the consideration of cases involving deprivation of parental rights, and interests of the child at direct threat to his life or health. One of the highlights is the mother or father exercising parental rights to the detriment of the rights and interests of children, may be limited by the court. Sun explained that to understand these disorders: methods of raising children that include neglectful, cruel, degrading treatment, insults or exploitation. To apply to the court to limit the parental rights can not only guardianship, but also close relatives of the child — grandparents, full and half brothers and sisters. But if there turn aunt or uncle, the justice should refuse. Interesting detail: the court limiting the parent’s rights must explain that if he doesn’t change his behavior, it can be sued for deprivation of parental rights. The Supreme court explained that to constitute an abuse of parental rights — the creation of obstacles in training, involvement in the gambling activity or in the activity of religious associations, the encouragement of vagrancy, begging, theft, prostitution, alcohol and intoxicants.

It is noteworthy that if the child was taken away from the family in connection with direct threat to his life or health before his return, the court must ask the opinion of the baby.

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