“The U.S. will conduct exercises to evacuate the families of its servicemen in South Korea

– Command of the U.S. contingent in South Korea announced next week training with the participation of military families who will be preparing for the evacuation of the country in the event of emergencies, said on Monday the South Korean TV channel YTN.

According to a statement by the us command, an exercise called Courageous Channel will be from 23 to 27 October with the participation of the Ministry of defense of South Korea and the US state Department.

“Under the Courageous Channel servicemen and their families will prepare for action in the event of a wide range of events that involves crisis management, in particular the evacuation of noncombat personnel in the event of a natural disaster of nature or caused by human activity”, – stated in the command.

At the same time, the command was explained that we are talking about regular exercise, not caused by the current situation in the Korean Peninsula.

However, YTN notes that U.S. commanders in South Korea rarely makes public statements about the schedule of exercise Courageous Channel type.

According to the channel, in the exercise of the following specialized briefings, review of documents and passports, the military, and their relatives, updating personnel lists and working off of practical skills of actions in emergencies.

Earlier it was reported that on Monday, the naval forces of the United States and South Korea begin large-scale joint exercises off the coast of the Korean Peninsula in the Japan and Yellow seas. It is expected that the training will last from 16 to 26 October.

In the framework of the maneuvers will be conducted in joint operations of the Navy of the Republic of Korea, the 7th operational fleet of the U.S. Navy and air force of the Republic of Korea, the 7th air force Pacific command and the US 8th field army of the United States.

DPRK authorities have always strongly condemn such doctrines of Seoul and Washington, considering these maneuvers as a provocation. In the past Pyongyang has repeatedly conducted missile tests in response to us-South Korean exercises.

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