“Von Trier has rejected accusations björk in harassment

Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier has denied accusations by the Icelandic singer and actress björk is that he allegedly molested and molested her on the set of the movie “Dancer in the dark”.

“It wasn’t that. But we definitely weren’t friends, that’s a fact” – quoted by von Trier, the Danish Jyllands-Posten.

The Director said that, despite a strained relationship on the set, he believes the game Bjork in this movie one of the best acting work that he happened to see.

Sunday 15 Oct Bjork wrote on Facebook that, in connection with the scandal around Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of harassment, she felt he could tell about his own experience. She did not directly accuse von Trier, but said he was subjected to harassment by the Danish Director. Von Trier is the only Director of the Dane, with whom she had to work.

According to her, she rejected the harassment of the Director, after which he tried to create her a reputation as an actress, which is difficult to work with.

Meanwhile, producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen, who also worked on “Dancing in the dark”, said that he and von Trier were the victims of capricious björk, who dictated the conditions on the set.

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