99-year-old hero of the Japanese war suffered from a stab in the boarding house

A resident of the boarding house for veterans of war, wounded himself in the stomach with a knife on South-West of Moscow. The elderly man suffered from hernia early in the morning from the unbearable pain stabbed himself in the stomach with a kitchen knife.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As we found out “MK”, wound 99-year-old Nikolai Mikhailovich received 18 October at about 5.00 in his room in boarding house for veterans of war in Kon’kovo.

An elderly man with his wife for more than two years living in one of the rooms on the ground floor of the boarding house. Because of the age of a veteran suffering from many diseases and had undergone multiple surgeries. According to his wife, the last time the pensioner was particularly tormented by the pain in his right side. After a number of operations in men, there is formed a large hernia that robbed him of any peace. Early in the morning Nikolai Mikhailovich could not stand the suffering, picking up a large kitchen knife, stuck it into the sore spot. In the next room slept his wife, whom he woke and said that she cut.

He came to my bed — covered in blood. Said he cut himself with a knife, said he was tired to endure the pain. The knife he threw at the window, and while he was in a hurry to get help, he even managed to wash the blood on the floor, — the wife of the victim.

Doctors hospitalized the veteran he underwent surgery, his condition is satisfactory.

Nikolai Mikhailovich — member of the Soviet-Japanese war. Went to the front as a volunteer. The mortar was sent to the far East. Got a concussion in September 1945, once under the mistaken shelling of Soviet aviation. Was discharged after the hospital in 1946.

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