A criminal case on incitement to hatred of atheists filed in Russia

Russia’s first case of incitement to hatred of atheists has opened in Krasnodar, reported on his Facebook lawyer Aleksey Avanesyan.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The reason for the case under part 1 article 282 (“inciting hatred or enmity…”), according to Avanesyan, was a humorous poem that his client, Maxim Drozdov brought in correspondence of “Vkontakte”, “Troll the situation with the mass insult of feelings of the so-called believers.”

The poem, according to the Drozdov, contained a description of the “mythical village where is the public outcry burns teacher who denies God.”

In the poem, in particular, was a string of “vile atheists” and the promise of “We will refund the Inquisition” and also the following couplets:

Bloomed in Bluebell woods, in the distance a bird chirps,

On fire with a weak crackle of burning a heretic.

According to Avanesyan, Drozdova in September was twice questioned in the course of the preliminary investigation, after which the case was brought, as the investigation has found that along with social group of “heretics” and subjected to insult atheists.

Avanesyan, confident that the case of inciting hatred against atheists will be the first in Russia, has promised to invite the witness of the works of Ruslan Sokolowski, who was convicted in Yekaterinburg, as mentioned in the sentence, including the denial of the existence of God.

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