A female police officer condemned for the content of the suspect in the “monkey”

The verdict a policewoman who was accused of illegally detained suspected of buying stolen bicycles, made Chertanovskaya court of Moscow. The woman failed to prove she acted according to the law.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As it became known “MK” in the summer of 2015, the detectives found in a rented storage unit on the street of the red Beacon 103 bike. The owner of the warehouse said that repairs old bicycles and then sells them. But the man was detained and opened a criminal case under article of the criminal code “Acquisition or sale of property knowingly obtained by criminal means”. The case involved the head of Department inquiry OMVD on area Chertanovo Central 38-year-old Eugene Marinina (the name changed. — Approx. ed.). Major police interrogated the detainee with the lawyer and then put him in the detention center. Meanwhile, the audit materials, the inquirer was referred to the district Prosecutor’s office (the documents were taken by her colleague). However, the Supervisory Agency said that the need to interrogate on the case of a number of witnesses. Two days later the “buyer” was released. While Marinina asked the father of the suspect for him to come because I was not sure about his mental health. Soon the policewoman was transferred to another unit. However, a year on the results of the test, the city Prosecutor’s office against Marina was prosecuted under two articles of the criminal code — “Excess of powers of office” and “Illegal arrest, custody or detention”. According to the investigation, the lady in uniform, a criminal case was not opened, accordingly, did not detain anyone and was not charged, and therefore, a citizen was not supposed to be in the detention center.

In the process, the investigator denied the charges. According to her, she is 19 years old serving in internal Affairs bodies and perfectly knows his job. The lawyer of the defendant Elena Kabanova stated: “In a criminal case against the “buyer” was recorded abandoned material, signed by most of the novels of Marinina. While her signature was forged roughly. In case you have the appropriate expertise”.

However, almost all the witnesses — colleagues of the defendant stood at her side. They confirmed that the victim indeed was a criminal case and on this basis he was detained. In turn, questioned in court the Prosecutor said that the eye has not seen documents from the novels of Marinina. He was supported by the investigator which conveyed the wishes of the Supervisory authority, it is argued that while all were on vacation. And the victim in court is only interested when he seized bikes.

In the end, the Chertanovo district court of Moscow has appointed Marina two years with a probation period of two years. The policewoman intends to overturn unjust judicial decisions. “I will fight to the end!” said condemned “MK”.

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