A fire in the nursing home made the old to come down from the balcony

On the night of 18 October there was another fire in a nursing home — this time in Irkutsk.

Photo: AGN “Moscow”.

The result was evacuated 16 people, five required hospitalization. According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire was a short circuit during operation of the machine for drying clothes. Elderly residents of the boarding house were on the second floor, they had to evacuate to the balcony, and then down on the soft stretcher down. It is important that the institution existed for only two weeks and not even listed on the roster.

As told “MK” in one of the Moscow private pensions for veterans, personnel actions in such places in case of fire reglamentarias special instructions:

– The fire can cover the entire building in less than 10 minutes. This can happen both day and night, so we have to act automatically without thinking. Should be organized on permanent duty personnel. Everyday you need to transfer to the division of the local fire service data on the number of people living in the institution at night. There should be a sufficient number of exits for evacuation of people. In the event of a fire, the duty shall immediately notify the fire Department, and he proceed to extinguish the fire, if the fire is in the initial phase, or close the room if the flame is kindled in order to limit its spread.

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