Alex Davletshin went to a sonic journey “Kiss & Fly”

Among the many musical worlds in which the artists create their own reality depending on mood and genre preferences, guitar world special story. Watching the bright and talented artists in this direction, I understand that perhaps the guitar is the “talking” tool. Playing it, you can tell a lot of personal stories to create an atmosphere to immerse the listener into it, very accurately handing him all your emotions. Guitarist and composer Alex Davletshin at the presentation of her album “Kiss & Fly” managed to do it.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the artist

Alex originally studied as a classical guitar, but then, during the game in the famous orchestra of Anatoly Vasilevsky, the vector of his creative movement changed jazz. But to call Davletshina a jazzman in the traditional sense is impossible: in music, it combines elements of this trend with Blues, rock, sometimes with ethnic motifs. His guitar sounds in the recordings of many local artists. His mentor, the musician calls the legendary guitarist, people’s artist of Russia Alexey Kuznetsov.

The album “Kiss & Fly” — the beautiful, figurative, metaphorical and multi-layered story. “Probably listening to this song, you remember?..” — smiling, asked the audience with Alex, having played the first opus “Memories”. To each he gave a well-aimed comments, but to feel the message, to understand what was going on in these tracks, without any words.

The work that gave name to the album, the romantic, light, airy, for which you really want to kiss. Listening to “Flight Over The Alps”, as if we rise above the earth and see the Alpine peaks. From “Autumn Disappointment” blows cold October and the pain of disappointment. In General, this work is Davletshina — in a good way not for the faint of heart, and impulsive listener with a rich imagination can knock out a tear and cause a storm of emotions.

The concert symbolically fell on the birthday of Alexei. To congratulate him on his double celebration came to colleagues: teacher Alexey Kuznetsov, Valery didulja, Vladimir Kuzmin, Vitaly KIS, Vladimir Levkin, the group “Uch-Kuduk”. The musicians also performed at the concert and solo, and made a catchy jam with the birthday boy. “MK” had a little chat with the artist and asked him about work.

— Alex, as a writer, as a guitarist you tell the audience the history of, or otherwise associated with your life, emotions, vision of the world. Do you feel that they cause public outcry, the response that you would like to obtain?

This resonance, I started to feel over the years, and it is associated not only with the receptivity of the audience, but from my experience. Acoustic guitar allows to pass to the audience their feelings, emotions. You don’t just play — you really feel like you read a book written by you about you. Associative names, of course, also help to convey the main idea of a particular composition, so I am very sensitive to their choice. I understand today that I finally felt in the right direction, I know exactly what I mean when you take up an instrument, and what expressive means to do it.

— How active guitar music is developing in Russia now?

— Depends what you mean by it. I think the problem is that guitar music develops exclusively in different stylistic directions — academic, jazz, rock direction. However, increasing the skills in a particular genre, many artists do not think about how to reach the heart of the listener to music was in his soul. Of course, there are talented artists in whose work the technicality combined with the concept of deep content, such as Valery didulja. But it moves on its way, I have another way, and a niche that is close to me, free. I’m going to take it and try it maximally strengthened.

— Why do you think overseas guitar music more popular, and appears more bright names?

— Everything depends on the socio-economic problems. People want to eat. Of course, these needs exist in other countries, but the creative community is in a more stable position, so, in fact, have time, opportunity to grow, to Express yourself the way you want it. We musicians often have to think about the author’s own creativity and development, and the earnings to feed themselves and family. The audience abroad is also more active than us. I think this is due to the same problems. In addition, the taste need to educate, vaccinate, and we have the TV and radio people only hear the music of pop stars. For comparison — in Poland, for example, there is a huge number of music channels a variety of stylistic directions, the audience can choose. It is the whole space.

— Despite all the difficulties, what motivates you not to give up, move forward and make music that you love?

— I have no choice (laughs). Every day I write something and can’t stop the flow. Inner impulses cannot be controlled. I already have songs for two new albums. I now again will start recording. So a continuous process. While the energy flows like a waterfall, and what will happen — I don’t know. If we talk about reference, I now came to the conclusion that my main and only lighthouse — the inner voice. At some point you reach a level that technically can play all, but at this point many a crisis comes, they don’t know what to do next. Such problems with me sharing many of the musicians on guitar summits that I organized. Fortunately, I didn’t stop. 5-7 years ago a channel opened and I began to play only their music. Still I get enormous pleasure from it and don’t play concerts any strange things. So, besides working on the technique must not forget about the creative “I”, to listen to yourself. Now I’m back home after the event and even a couple of hours I will write something…

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