Boxers Joshua and fury will fight in 2018

Two famous British boxer Anthony Joshua and Tyson fury will fight in 2018. Confirmed it himself Joshua, who said he wants to help fury to return to professional Boxing, because he brings the benefit of the sport and attracts attention to it.


Tyson fury in November 2015 defeated Wladimir Klitschko and won four championship belts, however, after this the ring never came out. This summer, he once again announced his retirement, however, recently announced three upcoming big fights in 2018.

Anthony Joshua in his latest match, also met with Klitschko won by knockout. Following the battle the British will hold on October 28 against Carlos Tacoma, but now he talks about meeting with fury.

“We got in touch with each other on the battlefield. We need people like fury. I want to help him return to the professional ring and maintain it. Tyson is a talented and good fighter that benefits the sport and attracts the attention of Boxing”, – quotes Anthony Joshua “Daily Mail”.

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