“British intelligence said about the worst terrorist situation in the country in 34 years

– Head of security Service of British intelligence Andrew Parker said Tuesday that the terrorist threat level in the country is growing at a rapid pace and has reached the worst value over the past 34 years, reports AP.

“Given everything that happened in 2017, and that a lot was avoided, it is obvious that in the UK there is a growing level of terrorist threats from Islamic extremists. The storm multi-level, fast growing, growing in speed and scale that we’ve never seen before,” said Parker.

He noted that a similar situation was faced and continental Europe: France, Belgium, Spain and Germany.

Parker said that MI5 conducted about 500 investigations related to terrorism. These investigations affect about 3 thousand people related to extremist activities. The head of MI5 said that the Service is ready for the growing terrorist threat, the Agency is constantly expanding methods of counter-terrorism, however, to prevent every attack impossible.

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