Football Premier League: CSKA admire the militancy and “Zenit” disappointing academic

13-th ordinal round of the Russian football Premier League, started the match, “Ahmad”—”Spartak” on Friday, the 13th, before the first kick-off promised to be with devilry. How could contributed to this calendar and who broke opponents on a fairly even pair. But in those rare matches where the favorite of the meeting, it would seem, was obvious, not without mystery.

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Head coach of “Tosno” Dmitry Parfyonov, the team which had had to close the program reporting tour in Perm, probably not particularly happy extracted in a match with “amkarom” in a draw, who, by the way, only in the past football weekend. But Dmitry said after sharing points with Gadzhi Gadzhiyev words that accurately describe our League: “the Struggle for survival now, when the championship has not even crossed its equator, is much more fierce than for prizes and vouchers in the competition”.

The density in the standings really is not the first year pleases the fans eyes. One is inclined to explain this by the fact that the top clubs in the Premier League is not as strong as before. Other — strengthening of the middle and yesterday the notebook the outsiders. The truth, as usual, lies somewhere in the middle, but it’s hard not to agree that for sheer class today can’t win even team leader of the team occupying the last place. There was a tough fight in all the matches of the 13th round, as evidenced by not only what was happening on the fields, but the results on the scoreboard: only one match to one of the rivals managed to win with a difference more than one goal. And even if the pessimists are right, talking about the decline of leaders, similar to the intensity of the struggle can not but rejoice.

Each heading in recent years the national team of Russia of a foreign coach is the main problem of domestic soccer was called not the lack of top players, corruption or flaws in the youth sector, and low level resistance in many domestic League. Supposedly, the players of “Zenith”, CSKA and “Spartak”, the backbone of the national team used to play vpolnogi in the vast majority of Premier League matches, and laid out exclusively in meetings between them, which happens not so often. Hence, they say, and regular fans talk about low commitment. Not used to the guys to give everything — that nedobega, agogreat. But in the end the national team is sometimes in arrears of points even in matches with those rivals, which seem to be obliged to beat.

Habit as once said by Aristotle, is second nature. I would hope that the players of the Russian clubs thirst for combat from the first to the last minute will become a habit. And very pleased that, speaking about the results of the next round, we are talking not only about the leaders, and rave reviews often get the inhabitants of the basement of the standings.


If not for the sensational victory of “Arsenal” in St. Petersburg, it is the win of the team should be called the main event tour. Who conducted the first match at the helm of the team Dmitry Khokhlov, who replaced coach Yuri Kalitvintsev has confessed before the match that time to make any significant changes to the team, he was not. Fundamentally, the picture of Dynamo games have not changed, but the results significantly. And let the reason for that was the emotional charge, without which no cost, no change of coach but blue and white has interrupted several extremely unpleasant episodes that ran as much as August.

The most important thing is victory, which the Muscovites could not get to this in 6 Premier League matches in a row. In the previous five games, the Dynamo couldn’t score, and then pleased the audience with two beautiful goals. In fact, the authors of these heads and we have to admit the best team players in the match with SKA. Young Tashaev, perfectly familiar Khokhlov’s work with the second team, scored perhaps the most beautiful goal of the tour, but in addition also made the verified canopy Kozlov, after which the last head hammer the ball into the corner. The defender could draw in this match and a double, but Alexander Dovbnya in an improbable jump has pulled out the ball after a powerful shot of Alex from outside the penalty area.

To make optimistic conclusions after a beautiful victory over one of outsiders of the championship Dynamo early, but the potential is undoubtedly there. We will remind that the match with the festival was missing several players. Best striker Kirill Panchenko has long been injured in the holding area lacked Samba Sow and Kali Tama, and on the left flank of the defense for the first time in the season appeared Grigory Morozov, replacing Sergey Terekhov. With the return of the Quartet on the “Dynamo” will not be weaker, but still overestimate the victory over SKA is not worth it.


The army fought in Krasnodar as lions. What red blue is in nature a team like no other in the Premier League knows how to win losing games, well known since the days of Leonid Slutsky. But against the bulls weakened by the loss of Vasily Berezutskiy, Viktor Vasin, Pontus Wernbloom, Aleksandr Golovin and Alan Dzagoev Muscovites spent just an outstanding match, playing not even at the limit, and beyond.

Kirill Nababkin in the centre of defence? Easily! A bunch of Central Midfielders Gheorghe Milanov — Konstantin Kuchev, each of which only once fell before the basis in the current season? Easy! Say Alanara the gate does not know how to get there? Play the game and with a striker on the edge! With such initial conditions to bet on CSKA in Krasnodar would have taken a hopeless romantic. But CSKA have won, simultaneously giving a demonstration lesson militancy even in this combat round.

Yes, the goal of Alexey Berezutsky has turned ugly, and the ball flew in gate of Andrey Sinitsyn after the ricochet, which fundamentally changed the trajectory of the football projectile. Yes, the home team had many chances to score and played stenochki in the army penalty area. Yes, hand on heart, the referee had to appoint a penalty in gate of Akinfeeva after hitting the ball in the hand of Nath. But thank the referee Vitaly Meshkov from disinterested fans that he hesitated in that moment. “Krasnodar” it’s your fault for not scoring from the game but CSKA were worthy of the victory. Alarming one: to hold the same level of dedication the second match in a week in a row is unlikely. And the forces and emotions of the team of Viktor Gancharenko Oh as needed in ligachampion meeting with Basel, who play on Wednesday. In Krasnodar CSKA went all out, as they say in social networks, to 146 percent


The famous adage that the best is the main enemy of the good, got another confirmation on the example of “Zenit”. You can argue long about the work in the “Arsenal” Miodrag Bozovic, praised the gunners for their dedication and fortitude, to delight in diagonal cross from Kirill Kombarov, which led to winning the ball, but in the first place “Zenit” in the last round are not lost to the opponent, and yourself.

Annoying all the domestic football world bench blue-white-blue, which rubs his pants a good half of the candidates to the Russian team and a solid group dear Legionnaires, this time played against the team of Roberto Mancini. In the absence in the match with Arsenal selected to their team of Argentines coaching staff of Zenit was not able to present orchestrated team.

It’s not even that Mancini постоянноvwt shuffling the composition, adds thereby to the teamwork in the key ligament. Not that not having a stable minutes on the field, the players on the pitch, do not have time to fit into the game. Perhaps it is in the length of the bench, leaving a player, even giving the best match, does not have confidence that his efforts will be appreciated, and he will have a real chance to gain a foothold in the base.

However, if the chief referee Artyom Chistyakov at least one of the two is absolutely true cancelled for offside goals, “Zenit” and the result of the meeting, and the assessment of its games would have an entirely different connotation. Thursday Zenit will play in the Europa League against Rosenborg, who beat the big score the team Mancini. But such a positive charge — the product is perishable. To confirm its validity blue-white-blue must in the next round of the Premier League, which will visit on a visit to CSKA.


Commenting on the result, victory for his team in the match with “Locomotive”, the head coach of “Ufa” Sergey Semak in each sentence repeated about the regularity and fairness of the account on the scoreboard. And to argue with Sergei Bogdanovich is quite difficult. But the vastly experienced Yuri Semin after defeat in Ufa escaped the hackneyed phrase that the game was to score a goal, which is the first worthy opponent. But Yuri Pavlovich clearly simplifies the situation, because in the lost match appeared several disturbing for his team symptoms.

Firstly, talking about the main force of “railway” in this season — the midfield line. The Ufa’s rather easily neutralized the lethal trio of Midfielders Loko (the Miranchuk brothers and Fernandes), and however cut off the supply to the only pure striker Muscovites — Eder.

Secondly, not perfectly played defense. However, this is just an explanation. The transition to a scheme with four defenders could not affect. And if to consider that defense on the right flank acted determined Gibraltar, which initially focused much more on the attack, the weak spot in the constructions “the Locomotive” it was obvious even before the match. It is still unclear how the Muscovites at the time, agreed to release the Novel Shishkin, after all, with such a scheme, and Vladislav Ignatyev does not look adequate.

It can be assumed that with the recovery of Vedran Corluka, which will happen sooner or later, the team Semin will be revealed in all its glory, but in Ufa the line of defence as he frazzled out (and eventually finished) the one and only Sylvester Igboun, or, as it says on the shirt, sly. Nigerian, no doubt, the guy fighting and stubborn, but not Zlatan Ibrahimovic. However, it is unlikely that should seriously worry the coaching staff before the upcoming Europa League match with Moldavian “the Sheriff”, in which the Russians seem unquestionable favorite.



“Ahmad” — “Spartak” — 1:2, “Dynamo” — “SKA-Khabarovsk” — 2:0, “Ural mountains” — “Anzhi” — 2:1, “Krasnodar” — CSKA — 0:1, FC Ufa — Lokomotiv — 1:0, Rostov — Rubin — 0:1, “Zenit” — “Arsenal” — 0:1, “Amkar” — “Tosno” — 0:0


Alexander Kokorin (“Zenit”) — 8 goals (0 penalty). Quincy Promes (Spartak) — 6 (2). Eric Bicfalvi (“Ural”) — 5 (1)


21.10: SKA — “Ufa”, “Tosno” — “Rostov” “the ruby” — “Dinamo”, “Spartak” — “Amkar”

22.10: “Ural” — “Ahmad”, CSKA — “Zenit”, “Anzhi” — “the Arsenal”

23.10: “Lokomotiv” — “Krasnodar”


Goalkeeper: Igor Akinfeev (CSKA)

Defence: Alexey Kozlov (“Dynamo”), Sergey Ignashevich (CSKA), Alexey Berezutsky (CSKA), Dmitry Kombarov (“Spartak”)

Midfield: Denis Glushakov (“Spartak”), Jan M’vila (Rubin), Kirill Kombarov (FC Arsenal), Eric Bicfalvi (“Ural”), Alexander Tashaev (“Dynamo”)

Attack: Sylvester Igboun (FC Ufa)



18 Oct, Wednesday

CSKA (Russia) — “Basel” (Switzerland). 21.45 (Moscow time)


19 October, Thursday

“Zenit” (Russia) — “Rosenborg” (Norway). 20.00

“The Sheriff” (Moldova) — “The Locomotive” (Russia). 22.05.

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