For advertising, impose fines

To ban advertising services for writing diploma and course works of the Ministry of education intends. And the universities will have to publish a successful thesis project of each graduate. The Ministry prepared a package of amendments to the laws “On advertising” and “On education in RF”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In advertising law will be a ban on any adverts downloaded from the Internet ready-graduate work. Also outside the legal field will be services and advanced students who are doing term papers, essays and the final work for their less talented classmates. Writing custom research papers and dissertations also fall under the official ban. Any such ads will be considered a violation of the law on advertising. In the administrative code for such offences establishes liability: a penalty for citizens from 2000 to 2500 rubles. But if the organizer of the business of writing fake diploma projects will be the fine of 100-500 thousand.

With regard to the education act, it added a new requirement for universities. They will have to publish the text of the diploma each student who graduates this year. To publish the work will have on the official website of the University. And the text that the graduate will present to the examiners, and published versions should be identical. As stated in the bill, in the public domain, this work should hang at least six months from the time of protection. The only exception to the new rule, the works of, the content of which represents state, commercial or other secret protected by the law.

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