For the death of the priest’s family in an accident ex-COP gets six years

Only 6 years of a colony-settlements was a former police officer for “drunk” accident, which killed the family of a priest, including a month-old baby.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As previously wrote “MK”, a terrible accident occurred at the Yaroslavl highway near the village of Lesnaya of the Pushkin district of Moscow region. In September 2016, Alexey Shumilin – father of the resurrection parish of the city Tutayev – with his family went about their business in the capital. In the car were his wife, Julia worker Yaroslavl diocese, mother of a man and two small kids, one of whom was two months. In the same direction and operative of criminal investigation Department of the police of the city district Ivanteevka 26-year-old Lieutenant Yuri Ivanov. The detective at that time worked in law enforcement for three years. Then found out a consequence, the man was drunk, driving a “Mercedes” and have not noticed a used Suzuki cleric. He caught the car and pushed her into a ditch. From the blow of four passengers flew from salon of a foreign car and died instantly. Incredibly lucky three-year-old sitting in a special chair. Boy with traumatic brain injury and a broken hip bone was taken to a local hospital. A police officer who was driving “Mercedes”, is survived by his companion, 46 – year-old teacher Lyudmila Gurkin too. Arrived on the scene of the accident, the traffic police immediately drew attention to the inappropriate behavior of the initiator and the smell of alcohol coming from him. Police immediately fired and sent to jail. The examination confirmed that he was drinking. It was also revealed that the deceased Julia was pregnant.

Note, at the time of the accident Ivanov eight times violated the rules of the road — mainly speeding.

The death of a priest and members of his family was a real tragedy for the parishioners. Alexis enjoyed a well-deserved love and respect. According to people, he helped the poor, supported families and were simply sympathetic person. The wounded boy went doctors. Her being raised by grandparents.

During Ivanov fully admitted his guilt, but then refused to testify, citing article 51 of the Constitution, which stipulates that nobody is obliged to testify against himself and close relatives. Recently the Pushkin city court has sentenced the ex-policeman to six years of imprisonment in a colony-settlement. He won’t be able to drive a car for three years and obliged to pay 4.5 million rubles compensation to the victims.

According to assistant city attorney Pushkin Sergey Sergeyev, in the courtroom Yuri Ivanov apologized to the relatives of the dead who wanted justice punish the defendant harshly.

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