French authorities placed the artist Peter Pavlensky in a psychiatric hospital police

Several French media, citing sources reported the transfer of the artist Peter Pavlensky in a psychiatric hospital by the police. Previously, he staged a rally in Paris, in which an arson, the Bank of France. Arrested at the scene of an arson ally of the artist currently remains in custody.

photo: social networks

The French authorities, apparently, poorly versed in contemporary art. Not appreciating the artistic plan of the campaign of Peter Pavlensky, who days earlier had set fire to the Bank of France in Paris, authorities transferred the artist in a psychiatric hospital. Write about this edition of Le Figaro and Le Parisien, citing informed sources. Before the procedure of translation from the actionist Pavlensky was released.

The interviewees told that the French media, the arrest Pavlensky was removed from the subsequent transfer to the hospital after an evaluation of the behavior of the artist.

Pavlensky wife Oksana Shalygina remains under arrest and charged with deliberate damage of property of the Bank of France.


Two days earlier the activist of Femen Inna Shevchenko published in the social network Manifesto Peter Pavlensky explaining the meaning of his actions with the arson of the doors of the Bank of France.

The artist believes that the French Central Bank, was built, according to his statement, on the ruins of the Bastille is a symbol of a new prison.

“The Bastille was destroyed the rebellious people as a symbol of despotism and power. At the same place was built a new hotbed of slavery, which betrays the revolutionaries and sponsoring gangster Versailles. The Bank of France took the place of the Bastille, bankers stood in the place of the monarchs”, – said in the Manifesto.

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