“In Beijing, opened the 19th Congress of the Communist party of China

At the end of the Congress will be elected Politburo and its standing Committee

– In the Chinese capital in a solemn atmosphere began work on 19-th Congress of the Chinese Communist party (CCP). The Presidium of the forum, the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee XI Jinping, party and state main leaders of the country.

XI Jinping held before the Congress meeting, with the development of the Central and provinces stated that the forum “will be an important Congress, which will take place at a key moment in the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics”.

He added that the Congress will take place “against the background of China’s entry into the crucial phase of the efforts to build a society of average prosperity”.

The delegates will have to consider a number of crucial issues of state, economic and party construction, which will determine the direction of the country for the next five years, and solve personnel issues.

The agenda of the Congress, announced yesterday at a press conference announced the official representative of the forum the Zheng, the report XI Jinping on the work of the Committee over the past since the previous Congress five years, the work report of the Central Committee of CPC for discipline inspection, the amendments to the party Constitution, election of the new composition of the Central Committee of the CPC.

The Congress will run until October 24 and October 25 will be held the first plenary session of the Central Committee of the 19th convocation of the new composition, which will be elected Politburo and its standing Committee.

A report at the Congress acts XI.

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