“In the UK sell at the auction of the letter from the Titanic

In the UK auctioned the letter, written by one of the passengers of the sunken liner “Titanic” of the mother. About it reports on Wednesday, the British newspaper the Independent.

The author of the letter is a first-class passenger dealer Alexander Oscar Holverson. He was returning on the Titanic with his wife in the US via the UK from vacation in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. In the crash of a vehicle, Halverson was killed and his wife survived.

The letter is dated April 13, he was found in a notebook of the passenger after his body was handed over to the family. Letter suffered from sea water.

In a letter addressed to the mother, Halverson describes food and music on the Titanic and tells the story of the passengers of the first class.

“The ship is huge, it is decorated as luxury hotel…If all goes right, we will arrive in new York on Wednesday,” the letter reads.

Chilling letter written on board Titanic by victim to be auctioned https://t.co/BWrgXCaQpN pic.twitter.com/AWvZQSPsik

— The Independent (@Independent) October 18, 2017

The letter sells, the auction house Henry Aldridge&Son, the auction is scheduled for October 21. Experts have estimated the cost of the letter amount from 60 to 80 thousand pounds.

The liner “Titanic” sank during its first voyage on the night of 15 April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg. Of more than 2,2 thousand passengers on Board, 1517 died.

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