“Love my Motherland”: the arrested leader of the “Christian state” explained the suppression of “Matilda”

Leader of the “Christian state Holy Russia” Alexander Kalinin will remain in custody until November 22, according to the decision of Moscow city court, reports the Agency “Moscow”. Kalinin is accused of forcing the theater owners to abandon the screening of the film “Matilda”, and he says he had to “fix the problem” and “prevent crime”.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Protection Kalinin asked to cancel the decision of the Tagansky court to change the measure of restraint to house arrest. Lawyer Dmitry Savchenko said that Kalinin to threaten anyone not trying, but just wanted to warn about the possible consequences in the case of the show “Matilda”.

The Kalinin explained his position by attempting to “protect his family and Russia from crime”, saying the ridicule of believers. “And I wanted to warn owners of the cinema that they could become complicit in the crime,” – said Kalinin, stressing that he considers himself a real Christian.

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The leader of the “Christian state” also said that he loves the country and Jesus Christ. “The Lord sees my efforts, what a joy to realize that God is on your side,” he said.

Earlier media reported that Kalinin was accused of extremism, allegedly because of commercials that offend Muslims.

Headed by Kalinin “Christian state” previously required to prevent a fanatical opponent of “Matilda” Natalia Poklonskaya, she appeared in the black list of the organization.

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