New rules for exams in the traffic police include “vehicle rollover”

Over the weekend came into force a new version of the Administrative regulations on reception of examinations prepared by the state of traffic safety the Russian interior Ministry. The need to edit an older version of a document was caused by his sharp criticism of for an incredible number of mistakes, inaccuracies, omissions or obvious errors, which turned the exam in the SAI is not only a farce, but to state car inspectors, and opening opportunities for corruption. However, a year spent by the traffic police to work on the mistakes to go to waste: the world saw even more absurd and corruption-intensive document.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The previous version in some passages openly contradict common sense. In it, in particular, was not spelled out where to start measurement of time of the exercise and where to finish. And this despite the fact that exceeding the established norms meant to test the sad verdict “out fail”. The diagrams of some of the exercises there were no length, size, etc., etc. Sad, but the new regulations not only kept virtually all of these flaws, but also spawn new ones.

We will not dwell on that “fixed” scheme of exercises is not fixed. In the documentation, which shall be observed by driving schools and the actual examination division of traffic police in the organization of the grounds, and reversed conditional designations are not understandable to anyone new. In size sites for those or other examination is still the devil himself a leg break — all confused-confused.

All this is minor compared to the fact that the exam is now officially… the possibility of rollover of the vehicle.

You think it’s kind of an accident? Not at all. Indeed, in accordance with the “masterpiece”, which, incidentally, passed the state registration, it is now just a mistake, after which a pass grade is “fail”. And indeed, the order of the Ministry of interior (Annex №6 to the Instruction on accounting of traffic accidents in bodies of internal Affairs) a similar incident is treated as a kind of an accident where a moving vehicle overturned. But the developers of the order is, apparently, unknown.

All the calls of the public to abandon the 35-second passing of the test phase of high-speed maneuvering (or at least increase the time interval) were ignored. But in the time allotted with the task and not every professional can handle, not to mention the rookie driving.

And how you requirement to call the garage in reverse with the first and only attempt? Even experienced drivers, performing this maneuver in extremely tight urban Parking, several times back and forth to neatly fit into a narrow Parking space filled with cars in the yards. To prevent such maneuvering and that globally affects? Probably only on the possible auction of the police examiner with the novice “steering”…

Quite so cynical looks of the new wording of paragraph 43. According to him, “the place of expectation and reception, as well as space for filling out applications should correspond to comfortable conditions for applicants, including for persons with disabilities”. To this paragraph, no complaints, because people with some even very serious diseases can be admitted to control the vehicle, and they really need to create special conditions for obtaining state services.

However, the traffic police includes in this list “of persons with disabilities using guide dogs (the last — at presence of the document confirming their special training)” and “persons with persistent disorders of vision function and independent movement — with the admission of Teploenergetika”.

For this category of persons the SAI provides “duplication of the audio and visual information, as well as labels, signs and other text and graphic information signs, made Braille Braille”.

And it never occurred roadside police that this category of disabled people has contra-indications to management of vehicles, and they in fact did not apply for this type of services. Guide dogs is blind, and Braille Braille. Teploenergetiki for the deaf-blind. The developers of paper do not know? Or it reflects the degree of apathy, which prepared the document? No, it’s much easier if you know how much the translation of all information posted on the stands in the examination divisions of the service into Braille. Minimum prices: 1000 rubles for eight letters. And now it’s hard to count how many tens, if not hundreds of millions of “wood” you will have to pay interpreters and the producers of these tablets to equip with them all the offices of GAI. Despite the fact that none of the deaf-blind will not seek this services. Excellent, agree out the deal for all interested in the development of the budget money of the parties. And that would be the Prosecutor’s office to figure out what percentage of these amounts will settle in gaishnaya pockets in the form of commissions…

Against this backdrop, even inappropriate to speak about the numerous other errors contained in the text of the alleged updated regulations. But I have, as a matter of urgency to fix, from gaishnaya bungling can hurt millions of citizens. Remember that every in-law is losing about 2 million people and hundreds of thousands of “disenfranchised”.

Commenting on the its rulemaking, the head of Department of organization of the examination activities of traffic safety GU MVD of the Russian Federation Nikolay Gilyaks noted that the new regulations including to improve the quality of training in driving schools. And then, you know, the number of Russians taking the theoretical exam for obtaining a driver’s “right” the first time, in January–September 2017 decreased by 10% compared to all 2016. At the same time, however, Mr. Gilyaks forgot to say “deuces” instead of “fives” future drivers are exclusively the fault of the police, not because of poorly trained autocourse.

The fact that the vast majority of units gaishnaya exam theoretical exam on the “law” is violating the same traffic police requirements. This is despite the fact that “theory” is accepted today only in the automated mode only on computers.

This program not only has numerous holes and vulnerabilities, and therefore often hangs for a few days due to different hacker attacks, but updated badly. And in the case of examination part — openly introduces users (i.e. citizens, passing tests) astray!

And that’s how it happens. We all know that from time to time in the SDA amendments are made. In accordance with these changes, and exam fees. Since July of last year, these changes were made three times.

But the trick is that in FIS these innovations come with great delay, which, however, is not surprising, given how unprofessional the Russian road police in General, and the heads of examination work in particular.

In the end, the citizens that come to pass the theoretical exam, answering all the questions of the ticket correctly, receive an assessment of “not passed”. And this situation can last for months, while subordinates of the above-mentioned Mr. Gjakova not deign to upgrade the program. It is curious that, according to the information portal “Avtosklad” from sources in the Department, about this trouble knows the management of the Department of traffic safety of the interior Ministry, which is behind the scenes discusses the technical problems of FIS and their solutions, but does nothing to help people who are trapped by his fault to the citizens.

The representative office officially declaring that the percent passing the theory first time is falling, is silent on whose fault this is happening. And just looking around, and sneaking the assumption of malice such hypocrisy: the traffic police, it seems, is beneficial to people handed over worse. Then it will be possible to negotiate a higher price.

Here, by the way, it is appropriate to recall the other egregious mistakes gaishnaya exam activities.

So, drivers of trams and trolleybuses second year theory tests for tickets for categories “C” and “D” (trucks and buses). That is, the valiant traffic police doesn’t know the difference than to manage people — or heavy electric rail vehicle.

And how do you like the fact that some answers on first aid are contained such pearls, that if we are to provide aid to the injured in accidents, as there set out, you can come irreversible consequences? For example, the question about the technique of performing chest compressions do not contain one correct answer! The medics are forced to learn separately for life (as it should), and separately for the exam in the traffic police (as it is not necessary, but in order to pass).

Meanwhile, no matter how much was raised by the expert community, only one ticket theme — progress and is not expected. Why, we can only guess…

In short, the experts of the portal “Avtosklad” it seems that the new head of traffic safety GU MVD RF General czernikowo obviously time to look carefully at what is happening in the examination of the diocese, its departments, headed by General Shevtsov. Otherwise, the rollover of vehicles on the exam in the traffic police slepochnye will become the norm.

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