“Nikiforov asked the state Duma to accelerate the adoption of the law on privatization of “Mail of Russia”

– The head of the RF Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov addressed the deputies of the state Duma to expedite passage of the bill on transformation FGUP “Mail of Russia” in joint-stock company.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to address you with the request to accelerate consideration of the transformation of the FSUE “Mail of Russia” in joint-stock company. Overall, we achieved consensus on the bill with the committees, I would like to ask for your support,” the Minister said during the “government hour” in the state Duma on Wednesday.

According to him, after the reorganization of “Mail of Russia”, the company should remain in state ownership and be included in the list of strategic enterprises. “But work on limited models FGUP in a sense, inhibits the further course of reforms”, – said Nikiforov.

The so-called bill on the corporatization of “Mail of Russia” provides that the Federal state unitary enterprise must be converted into a joint stock company, 100% owned by the state. The company plans to attract a strategic investor, but the decision on privatization will be adopted by Rosimushchestvo and the Ministry of communications after corporatization of the enterprise.

The mail has repeatedly stated that it is ready for privatisation, in particular, has registered an asset of the property complex of the FSUE. In addition, the Mail stopped receiving state subsidies and infrastructure now receives payment Email Bank for providing space for offices.

The former General Director of Russian post Dmitry Strashnov also said that the transfer of the company from the status of Federal state unitary enterprise into a joint stock company will allow the operator to carry out M&A transactions in the international market.

The Ministry of communications was instructed to continue work on the bill submitted to the Duma in the summer of 2014. In November 2014 the state Duma Committee on property recommended the lower house of Parliament to postpone the adoption of the document prior to the approval of the government’s development strategy of “Mail”. The concept of development until 2020 approved by the Ministry of communications in April 2015, however, consideration of the merits of the bill on the corporatization of FSUE lawmakers have not yet returned.

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