Officials of the Ministry proposed to raise future football players in kindergarten

To change the format of school physical education suggested by experts at the Ministry of education. Instead of tedious centuries and runs in circles in a stuffy hall experts have offered to teach handball, wrestling and table tennis.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Updated “Fiz-RA” will appear in schools once the project is approved the concept of modernization of this subject. As explained by the experts, to change the traditional format of physical education is necessary first of all because of the terrible statistics. We will remind, according to law enforcement officers only in 2016 at the lessons of physical training died 211 children. If the concept is approved to teach the subject teachers will begin differently. Thus, the program may receive course football. And here is expected to begin to prepare future Champions since kindergarten, and then to continue training during all school years. Another new feature is exercises for flexibility and develop a sense of rhythm. For the more advanced guys boring gym class will turn into an exciting rehearsal in acrobatic rock-n-roll. In addition, the training program is proposed to include handball, the basics of self-defense, as well as a mini-table tennis and even lessons in Alpine skiing. Moreover, the draft concept says that children will be taught to do a “clean” sport without doping. The document also spelled out the recommended number of physical education lessons. According to the authors, there should be at least three a week.

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