Ridiculous death of an infant: the mother accidentally watered a little hardener

The hardener for the resin took over clean water to the inhabitant of Leninsky district Lily Karasev (all names changed), feeding them his 9-month-old son. The boy suffered serious burns of the esophagus and died 20 minutes after he took a SIP.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, the tragedy occurred Tuesday in the Parking lot of a shopping center in Krasnogorsk. 42-year-old Lily with her civil husband, 59-year-old Nicholas, and his son Basil came for building materials. The man went shopping, and she was in the husband’s absence, decided to give baby water. Arm she found a bottle of clear liquid and a label “Holy spring”. Without thinking, the woman gave her son to drink from this bottle and in the same moment realized that there was not water. The child was vomiting. It’s as if he was choking and screamed hysterically. Realizing that the baby drank some technical fluid, laid by his father and left in the car, the frightened woman started to call her husband’s cell. He immediately ran to the car and drove the family to the nearest medical clinic. However, upon arrival doctors pronounced him clinically dead. A plastic bottle was immediately sent to study, but without examination of the grieving father was able to explain to the police what was its contents. It turned out, just the other day he bought a bottling hardener for the resin which was necessary for him to conduct in house paint. The substance of the big banks poured him into a small transparent container. The man even kept the receipt from the purchase. However, Lily did not know these nuances — it was in the firm belief that the man keeps drinking water.

Piquant moment this situation lies in the fact that the car in which the parents were taken to the hospital for her dead child, belongs to the official wife of Nicholas 58-year-old Gulnara. The couple had no children (only Ron has two from his first marriage), so with the permission Gulnara Nicholas got a lady that gave him long-awaited baby. The boy with love raised all three Gulnara, Nicholas and Lily. By the way, on his page in one of social networks the Lily as the background image choose the image of the virgin, which one hand holds the baby Jesus, and the other lamb, i.e. the lamb. Thus, there is a direct parallel: the virgin Mary had to bring to the world the innocent victim.

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