“Siluanov acknowledged justified substantial costs of defense of Russia

– Defense spending and security is a significant part of the Federal budget of the Russian Federation, but in the current geopolitical situation, it is justified, says Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

“I understand that in the current situation, we cannot abandon the defense spending. Today, spending on defense and security in the budget – about one-third of all costs is a big share,” said the Minister, speaking at a meeting with fraction “United Russia” in the Duma.

“But they (costs – if) absolutely justified by the fact that our state is a nuclear power, our government has to reflect all the political attacks on our country. Streamlined, strong armed forces are doing today, a strong state,” he concluded.

Siluanov previously said that defense accounts for 29% of expenditure in the draft budget for 2018-2020. This is less than in the social sector (36.4 per cent), but significantly more than on section “national economy” (14.7 per cent). “We are implementing plans for the procurement of arms and military equipment”, – commented the Minister for those numbers.

The budget spends money not only on the procurement of arms and equipment, but also to repay the debt defense. So, more than 70% of additional revenues and budget savings-2017 the Ministry of Finance proposed to spend on the restructuring of debts of enterprises of the defense complex – 200 of 273 billion rubles, said on Monday Siluanov.

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