Swiss pilot, stuck in traffic, showed passengers the Alps

Airline pilot Swiss International Air Lines, deciding to pass the time in traffic, the passengers staged a “tour” by the Swiss Alps. The travelers thanked the carrier’s social networks, this is truly a “fabulous flight”, and shared impressive photos which they managed to do with the aircraft.


Flight LX1953 was flying from Barcelona to Zurich and was no different from hundreds of others. However, when approaching the international airport in Kloten, the aircraft got stuck in traffic, writes portal Swissinfo.

Instead of doing laps in the sky above the airport, waiting for their turn to land, the captain of the aircraft decided to show the passengers of the majestic mountain peaks of the Alps.

“Dear passengers, let’s not waste time, and I suggest you to see the best in Switzerland,” announced the pilot on the loudspeaker.

In the end, the passengers were able to see a breathtaking panorama of mountains, the Matterhorn, the Eiger, mönch, Jungfrau, and also the Great Aletsch glacier.

The official representative of airline “Swiss” Karin Muller explained that the aircraft commander no rules were not violated – the crew can arrange such excursions on a clear and Sunny weather. Another condition is that the flight should take place in weekends or holidays, when the airspace over the mountains freely.

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