The agony of the Holy fool: Natalia Poklonskaya wanted to “expel” a Teacher in Israel

It would seem, everything! Compactly La Comedy. After the nationwide Teacher’s Day on 5 October, known in history that the whole country from the heart and with Homeric laughter congratulated the Commissar Poklonsky, the only thing that could cheer up the audience, would unless some kind of rubber doll Natalie, tied to the pillar of the Mariinsky theatre. There’s already tied that, and all also had fun…

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

But the fact of carmagnole truly a Commissar’s life, if time is not isolated from a healthy society any force-clinical methods, the restlessness. Or overbearing. Or stubbornness. Or obsessive fixed idea…

And startled not only a poor Teacher, and a powerful Prosecutor General Chaika, no matter how ridiculous it was to apply in his case, this compassionate, the term “poor”. Ah, the Pug, but strong? Certainly Yury Yakovlevich is perplexed, he’s already performed a test on stubborn slander Madame, a subordinate to the Prosecutor’s office was on the ears — so the snout of the snout. And even this formidable structure not found “potential violations of law,” and therefore, “the grounds for intervention.” Poklonskaya wanted law get. There it was!

She doesn’t need “legal decision,” she needs only one thing — “recognition of film as provocative extremist material”. She allowed herself to just the law, let the law even burst, but will SAG under her crazy whim. Graceful observation was visited by lawyer Konstantin Dobrynin suspect in the Crimean immigrant Ukrainian rather than Russian mentality — with these annoying appeals to mass unrest and riots that Russia is blackmailing the whole country, and now its attorney General.

And immediately after the Prosecutor’s verdict on the table Chaika already laid down the angry video deputati, where she, without batting an eye in the literal sense, puts everything on its head, or rather, knocks the blame on others. It turns out that all these burnings of cinemas, cars, calls for the burning of people, prayer vigils, etc. — “result of the project “Matilda”, not its provocation and quirks, which she so long and with impunity, stirred the minds of the same as she, not very balanced individuals.

This video, of course, Perl, visual material for future research psychiatrists and psychologists. Painful facial expressions, ranging from suffering a lonely widow to grief all peoples of the world; no less painful intonation — almodovars women on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The climax of pathos in the phrase beloved of her king, who, they say, represented in the film “helpless person loses consciousness from lust to a woman (!), ballerina (!), dancer (!)”. Exclamation marks in brackets are an attempt to graphically portray the intonation bursts at each of these words. That is, according to Poklonski, there can be nothing worse in a man’s life than lust for a woman. Hello! Arrived!

No, perhaps the LGBT community, this notion of male abnormalities really even like it, but, Madam, you are still in your mind?..

And now forever famous Director Alexei Uchitel with surprise suddenly found out that is already sitting on the last assembled his suitcase in front of a sudden flight to the “historic homeland” — in Israel, respectively. There, as it turned out, he brought all his assets and accounts and other untold accumulation. He learned that, of course, from a totally reputable source — social media posts of its voluntary PR managerse with a Deputy’s badge. The Director even got worried and rushed to the nearest Bank to check if money, not “derived” whether inadvertently somewhere. At the same time called and in the IFC deal about the residence, whether or else not written at the same Israel…

Was all over the place and even residence with citizenship. Interest on deposits dropped, the card is not blocked, and even the suitcases are completely empty, only dismantled after one of the recent travel.

Meanwhile, the “source” continues to bubble fire. Even without a trial, but discovered countless “derived” funds allocated, therefore, the budget for the hated Poklonskaya film. Why would a setter need some legitimate reasons if she is a law?! Wherever he wants, and turn back.

Here publishes on page a Vladislav Moskalev roulades “revelations” of theft and pilferage current kinokomedii “Matilda” — Poklonskaya with the zeal of a diligent pupil peripodial word for word “whistleblower”. It does not confuse the reputation of this gentleman, that it actually fled to Canada five years ago and is, according to all public sources, and wanted by Interpol for financial fraud and theft. In a cruel twist of fate, he was the first producer on the project “Matilda”, and even then the Director of the Teacher really was a bit of a headache, connected with it. Then g-n Moskalev suddenly zasobiralsya “for a week” abroad. It’s been five years. Kidnapped not only sponsorship money, why Mr. Teacher is getting unhappy still, but his wife, Svetlana Lunkina, a well-known ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre, which the owner “accidentally” turned a Bank loan of 15 million rubles. In the same open access and you can now seek writs of judicial officers searching for fugitive…

Here are the “reliable” sources for the charges and the ongoing persecution of uses MP Poklonskaya in your crusade for the beloved Russian Tsar against parhat Director-Jew, “deliberately denigrate the history of the Fatherland.” She’s in agony because it started under her leadership — pathetic, angry bombast, threatening watersewage eyes — great campaign “for faith, Tsar and Fatherland” has mutated into an inglorious farce.

However this is the usual handwriting of psihotipa like the former Crimean Procurator. Unable to prove his innocence in the discussion box (if it is appropriate to call the debate that Orgy, which Madame had arranged with all this taraborelli flock), they did not disdain any unscrupulous to drown, to ruin and devour the object of their hatred. To the law — although we are talking about the trendsetter — this is even more irrelevant. And it’s not just funny or sad — it’s scary. Because in one particular battle they seem to be and suffered a tactical defeat. But we won the battle of the mind and light with obscurantism and lawlessness? Nakovyryali “spiritual braces” as state policy has not been canceled. And tomorrow may come for each of us… Not Poklonskaya, other poklonskii, Shvonder, pallikaranai and their ilk…

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