“The court of the state of Maryland imposed a ban on the immigration decree trump

– A Federal judge in the us state of Maryland has imposed a ban on the latest version of the immigration decree of the President of the United States Donald trump, partially prohibiting entry into the United States to citizens of eight countries, said on Wednesday to USA Today.

Judge Theodore Chuang, of Maryland, said that the new version of the immigration Ordinance is not adequately different from the previous two, the document is discriminaion against Muslims.

If the decree came into force, entry into the United States would be closed for most citizens six Muslim countries, including Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, as well as some citizens of Venezuela and the DPRK. The third version of the Ordinance was to take effect on Wednesday 18 October, but on the eve of her was blocked by a Federal judge of Hawaii.

In turn, the White house has called a “dangerous and erroneous” the decision of the court of the Hawaiian Islands to block the decree.

“Today’s threat and erroneous the district court’s decision undermines the efforts of the President to ensure the security of the American people and to enforce minimum safety standards for entry into the United States,” – said in the White house.

The first version of the decree was published in January 2017, however, the administration of the trump had to abandon it due to lock on the part of the judges of the several States.

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