The death of Dmitry Marjanova: doctors “underground” clinic urgently went abroad

The death of actor Dmitry Marjanov acquires new details. According to the reports in the media, call for an ambulance was received from a private rehabilitation clinic, where the treatment of the actor (Director Dmitry Marjanova in an interview with us stated that he “was in a small clinic” where treating the spine”).

We Vassili details about the clinic where he was treated Marianov and her doctors.

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Apparently, the staff at the rehabilitation centre in 4 minutes, yourself cancelled the call and took the initiative in their own hands — decided to deliver a dying Maranova own transport. In the car, the man died.

Upon the death of the actor’s criminal case: “Causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties.” The investigators have to establish all the circumstances of the incident.

According to preliminary information, the evening of October 15 employees of the medical practices in the city Lobnya Moscow region are unable to get help quickly. On one of versions, Dmitri was in a private drug clinic where he was placed close. On Sunday, when the man became ill, the place did not have intensive care, so the center staff decided to call an ambulance.

Rehabilitation center, where the call originated – the usual private house. The website of the clinic after the death of the actor, quickly closed. But all the data remained in the preserved version. Phone numbers center is not specified, there is no exact address of the house. But there are names all four of the center’s staff.

So, the head of the rehabilitation centre, psychologist, Gestalt therapist — Oksana Bogdanova. There is a photo of a woman. In the Internet information about Bogdanov – not a lot. It is known that some time ago she worked as a staff psychologist and head of the rehabilitation institution located in Khimki. At the center are some data Bogdanova: education – Moscow state industrial University, “Bogdanov O. I. is one of the leading experts in rehabilitation and motivating patients with various kinds of dependencies”. The list of ailments that the doctor treats: mental illness, addiction, depression, alcoholism, addiction.

Call on these phones.

– Oksana has long been with us is not working, I even forgot how it looks, commented at the other end of the wire. – Came to us already from the Investigative Committee at her soul. Look for her everywhere. Where she now works and lives — we don’t know. We have it after the dismissal did not appear.

Another employee of the clinic, where according to some was treated Maryanov – senior consultant-addictology, a specialist in working with codependent Rafael Idrissov. On the page on the social network male has indicated that he is a native of Kazan. He moved to Moscow recently.

Next. Dmitry Politidis — specialist addictology, head of the international Israeli project has developed the individual program of rehabilitation of drug addicts. Information about the man in the net — zero. On his page just a few pictures from the rest of the sea.

And the last employee of the clinic, the head of the motivational branch of the Roman Guskov. Except for a few cards, no useful information is his page in the social network also does not carry.

The relationship of these employees left only Rafael Idrissov.

– I can’t help you there, because it no longer cooperating with this organization started with a source.

– How long ago did you quit?

I don’t work there on 1 September 2017. So no information none.

But on the website until recently seen your photo?

– I am now unemployed. As left of center, most of these people never crossed.

– Did you hear that the center treated Marianov?

I’ve heard of it. But do not know the details.

By the way, three men, who were employees of the rehabilitation center, where he was treated the actor, still working and other similar institution. We rang their head. To the question: “do you have these people?” heard: “don’t call here ever again.”

World doctors close. We contacted people who are familiar with Oksana Bogdanova. They all agreed to talk on condition of anonymity.

– The story of Dmitry Marjanova now much discussion in our circles – began one of the interlocutors. – I admit that many so-called therapists now have closed their shops, left in the shade for a while, until the dust settles. Deaths in such institutions a lot. Yes, you look at the statistics of the clinic where he previously worked Bogdanov. In my memory, a few people there just died. Why is this happening? Because center staff are practicing intensive excretion of drug withdrawal in the absence of resuscitation. There are doctors from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. If you know now all the employees of the center, where he treated the actor, piled up over the border…

In the social network we found a photo from the page of Dmitry Hippolytidae, where he checked together with Roman Guskov at Sheremetyevo. Indicated that travel to Greece. And the caption: “Early in the morning and flew in the heat.” Date — 16 October, i.e. next day after the death Maryanova. Coincidence?

We contacted a former colleague Oksana Bogdanova. That’s what the man told about the centre, where possible rehabilitated Dmitry Maryanov.

– By itself, the rehabilitation center is not a medical centre, as professional doctors in the state was not. If the person needed medical assistance, it had not in that house, which showed all the media. There were only psychological support. In this house “closed” unmotivated residents, those who did not want to be treated for alcohol addiction on their own. They sent their close relatives. Alcoholics were there in an enclosed space.

As a rule, their families are never informed of the place of residence of the dependent. This is a strict rule such institutions. Everything has to be strictly anonymous. Now imagine how such a center could call an ambulance? For the leaders of the clinic, meant to put an end to the business. Everyone was afraid that the paramedics will see the house where the keep people, informed where necessary and the clinic will have to close. Because of this, the actor called an ambulance in time. Rather, they called 03, then recovered when I had to call and canceled the call. Brought a patient themselves. Made up a version about the country and friends.

– For a long time this house was built?

A year and a half ago. But it was not built under the hospital, this house belongs to the family of one of the head of the clinic.. usually specifically for rehabilitation center of closed type are not building anything — this house is removed to preserve anonymity. There was no signs, no phones.

– This illegal business?

– Of course, illegal.

– Your version of the tragic events?

– Most likely, the Maryanov turned to the staff that he’s sick. As often happens in such institutions, the duty of the consultant to be able to send him to lie down, was given pills and cited psychosomatics, they say lie down self-will. When recovered, it was too late.

Is negligence?

– Judge for yourself, according to the patient, who spoke about the incident on the television, Maryanov was admitted to the hospital with delirium tremens. That’s wrong already. Diagnosed with it was to send in an official clinic, where he had to clean the body, put on a drip, had to endure a couple of days and only then send the patient for rehabilitation, where he would work psychologists. Rehabilitation centers do not have the right to accept people with intoxication. If the actor withdrew from the binge, and was immediately sent to the center, it could serve as an impetus to the death. EO negligence and incompetence. If Maranova really clot — it is an accident that the staff of the center. could not prevent.

In the clinic there were no significant medications that could save a patient’s life or harm him?

Nothing serious was not there.

– That now with the patients of this clinic, Maryanov because there is not one lay?

Now all patients were transferred to other similar house, and all the leadership except Bogdanova, moved to Greece. According to rumors, a couple of weeks ago, local residents complained to the police on the patients of this house. Like the place came with a check. But apparently, the leadership of the clinic settled the matter because the police quickly left the facility.

– Bogdanova — professional doctor?

Rehab she has a lot of experience.

– The rest of the staff of the center have medical education?

– As far as I know, some employees are themselves former addicts who have recovered. This is a common phenomenon in this business.

– That is proper education they have?

– Med school in this case is not necessary. The duties of these people includes the organization of accommodation, food, can advise the patient or to provide psychological support, because they themselves went through it. Oksana Bogdanova directly “set” the rehabilitation program.

Director Maryanov said that the actor came to the clinic with problems of the spine. Maybe that house different diseases were treated?

– In the center for dependent spine are not treated. How do you imagine? People with problematic spine is in a circle of alcoholics and drug addicts?

– What is the cost of treatment?

– The cost of them were different, and took patients free. Were Maryanov, I don’t know.

– According to rumors, it could be treated for free, for promotional purposes?

– This is nonsense. Center respect the anonymity, is they were not needed.

– Bogdanova someone contacted?

Our colleagues are unable to reach her. As other eyewitnesses of the tragedy, left the country, have to rake all Oksana.

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