The Deputy proposed to strengthen Orthodoxy, equating a wedding to marriage

In the State Duma is considering a bill, the content of which confirms the saying “marriages are made in heaven”. The deputies proposed amendments to the Family Code, which confer on the act of wedding the legal significance. Namely, equating the procedure to a formal marriage. At the moment couples can get married in the Church only, subject to the availability of the stamp in the passport. According to the author, for many believers, this has become a real problem.

photo: I. Shpagin

The author of the scale of the project — the Deputy Vladimir Sysoev. He is sure his idea will resonate in the hearts of men:

We must remember that in his time in the Russian Empire, the wedding was an important action. Then spouses who have committed this Ordinance, issued a document stating that they were married. Now, according to Church canons, to go through the procedure of wedding, the lovers should make sure to sign the registry office. We all know that Orthodoxy is the main religion in the country. And today many young families do not wish for various reasons to register relations in the registry office. But they want to be vechnymi, but such opportunities they have. We want to give people this right…

Thus each family will be able to choose the type of registration that close to her in spirit. If the spouses do not have religion, they will go to the Registrar. If they want to secure the Union before God, then they will be able to go through the procedure of the wedding and not to visit the registry office. According to Sysoev, the modern society is ready. Moreover, the MP hoped that the Russian Orthodox Church, too, will support his initiative.

In private conversations with priests, I met no objections on this issue, – said Vladimir Vladimirovich. – Moreover, the priests told me, you met examples where religious people live without a stamp in the passport and do not have the ability to get married. The bill is intended to help those who wish. Perhaps this part of the state functions we will give the ROC.

Nonetheless, giving wedding legal force, the MP believes that the procedure for dissolution of marriage the Church should not be simplified. If the marriage in the registry office, to terminate simply, the couple, who have decided to consolidate the Union with the Church, must understand the responsibility process. According to the author of amendments, the complexity of the divorce will deter unscrupulous and dishonorable people. But it will attract the true believers, who understand that they are getting married once and for life.

The person who performs the sacrament of marriage, should understand why he does it. Of course, this man should be baptized an Orthodox Christian. Because this procedure holds the a pair of responsibility, not only to each other but to the Lord. And you know, sometimes it affects a person more than a piece of paper, which he will give in the registry office. For example, my wife and I got hitched years after the official registration of marriage, at that time we already had children. Equating the Church’s marriage to the official, we thereby strengthen the foundations of the Orthodox faith in the country.

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